Gallery: Community Education Summer Camp Talent Show

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 08/15/2018 - 14:54
Two youngsters are eager to take the mic at the Saline Community Education summer camp talent show Tuesday at Pleasant Ridge.

The crowd gathered in the Pleasant Ridge Elementary School cafeteria was all smiles Tuesday afternoon.

Why wouldn't they be? The 50 or so kids in the audience were with their friends from the Saline Community Education summer camp. And they were participating in and watching the annual summer camp talent show.

The kids sang, performed gymnastics routines, played recorders and danced. One pair of entertaining boys announced they could make their fingers go in crazy directions and called everyone up to stage to witness their trick. The kids gathered around and watched, with many trying to emulate to imitate the boys.

Summer camp, open to children ages 5-13, began June 20 and concludes Aug. 22. 

Campers visited the Toledo Zoo, swam at the Rec Center, visited the Detroit Science Center, watched movies, played in the parks, enjoyed hot dog picnics, went to the 4H Fair, bowled at Maplewood Lanes, competed in the "summer Olympics," and more.

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