Ice Cream Social at Weber-Blaess One Room School House Aug. 21

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 08/10/2016 - 19:13
Kids line up to form a bucket brigade for Fire Chief Craig Hoeft, who explains how town's folk once put out fires.

From the moment one steps through the white board fence surrounding the Weber Blaess One-Room School, you can enjoy homemade ice cream with a variety of toppings as ladies with white gloves and parasols leisurely stroll the grounds on August 21, 2016 from 1-4 p.m.  Grilled hot dogs will also be served.   Musical entertainment will join the festivities as this fundraising event will be hosted by the Saline Area Schools Historic Preservation Foundation (501©3) or SASHPF, and also provides an opportunity for young and old to experience turn of the century life.

Classroom reenactments of a typical day in a one-room school will give insight into the teachings and discipline of a young maiden teacher to her students using the McGuffey Readers and slateboards.  Children will enjoy playing the games that a 1900’s recess would have included such as hopscotch, graces, stilts and many more. The Saline Area Fire Department will conduct a bucket brigade to demonstrate an 1800’s firefighting way of transporting water to put out a blaze.  Saline City Council challenges the Saline Area Schools Board of Education in a croquet tournament.

Again present in 2016 will be balloon artist and magician, Matt Luedtke providing entertainment and the Saline Community Fair will be present with an array of animals.  New for 2016 will be a farm tractor display to join the representatives of the Saline Fair with their animals.  A Lego display by Bricks 4 Kidzs will also be present on the grounds. 

Old time activities like croquet, watermelon seed spitting, walking on stilts and “Bag-O” will also be competitively challenged between Saline School Board of Education, administration of Saline Area Schools, Saline City Council and staff.  Community Education Director Brian Puffer challenges anyone to beat his 2014 record for watermelon seed spitting, as do Brian Puffer and Assistant Superintendent Steve Laatch in Bag-O.

Proceeds from this event will provide funds for continual maintenance needs at the site. The fence and outhouse require a new coat of paint while the west school wall needs to be resided. 

The Saline Area Schools Historic Preservation Foundation, founded in 2001, has a mission to support the history of Saline Schools with emphasis on the one-room school era.  Over 1100 students visit the school annually supporting the 3rd and 4th grade Social Studies standards.  During their day at the school, students experience a typical day of the 1870-1920’s in these schools by learning the lessons, eating the lunches and playing the games that rural children lived.  This interactive museum is a highly effective learning tool for all level of students.

It's a summertime treat for the whole family as we celebrate a traditional activity on a Sunday in August. Ice cream and hot dogs will be available. Admission is free to the public with the only charge for food items.  Come join the fun.

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