LEGENDS: Saline Middle School Staff Takes the Schools of Rock Trophy

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 01/20/2018 - 02:35

Legends never die.

That was the theme of the annual Schools of Rock concert held Friday night at Saline High School. The annual “mock rock” competition between staff from Saline’s schools was an homage to local and national legends -- from Saline Area Schools Hall of Famers like Cheryl Hoeft and Jack Crabtree to Rosie the Riveter and the Detroit Red Wings.

In the context of this friendly competition - it’s fair to say the staff of Saline Middle School have chiseled their own status as legends.

Led by choreographers Rachel Smeltzer, a social worker, and Jacque Easton, a history teacher, Saline Middle School captured another Schools of Rock championship in front of a crowd of about 1,000 people in the Ellen Ewing Performing Arts Center. It was the third championship for Saline Middle School. Even in years when they haven’t won, their performances usually generate the most buzz. Their 2018 performance was on point.



Saline Middle School Principal Brad Bezeau offered a hearty congratulations to his staff - and to all the school staff who participated.

“It’s just a great night for Saline Area Schools. Everyone had so much fun,” Bezeau said. “For us, our team started practicing and rehearsing. It’s been a great team-building exercise. Our staff all work so hard, so it’s great to see them come out and have some fun.”

He Smeltzer and Easton for coordinating the winning number.

Saline teachers are busy with lesson plans, grades, tests and training. Many coach or lead after school clubs. Some are enrolled in school to further their own education. What possesses them to spend dozens of hours rehearsing for a mock rock competition?

Smeltzer cited two reasons.

“The proceeds from the event are put back into the schools, and invested in programs that help our kids,” Smeltzer said. “But not only that, it’s a great bonding opportunity for our school family. It’s a good way for us to get to know each other as colleagues, but on a different level.”

The performances were judged by local celebrities "Officer Dave" Ringe, of the Saline Police Department, Bill Burnette, a teacher and Elvis impersonator, and Carla "Leslie Knope" Scruggs, Director of Saline Parks and Recreation.

The annual event is a fundraiser for the Foundation for Saline Area Schools, which supports educational initiatives with mini-grants for classroom programs and strategic grants for larger, district-wide or school-wide programs.

The Foundation for Saline Area Schools is celebrating its 30th anniversary of supporting Saline schools. The foundation’s next major event is Snowblast, held Feb. 10 at Travis Pointe Country Club. For more information visit www.supportfsas.org.


















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