A List of Teachers Who Are Resigning or Retiring from Saline Area Schools

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 07/10/2018 - 17:55
Music teacher Robert Cindric is one of several teachers who have retired from Saline Area Schools.

Saline Area Schools will likely hire five new teachers at Tuesday's Board of Education meeting. New hires include Kasey Chapman, Daniel Hunt, Jillian Parrish, Melissa Reeves and Megan Stephenson. None of the teachers have been assigned a building or department except Hunt, according to assistant Superintendent Curt Ellis's report. Hunt will teach at Liberty.

The report also includes the resignation of Heritage teacher Natalie Cameron.

Here's a list of the teachers who've resigned or retired, according to HR memos, since January.

  • Natalie Cameron, Heritage, resignation.
  • Ben Bellinger, Saline High School, resignation.
  • Robert Cindric, Woodland Meadows, retirement.
  • Erin McWatt, Liberty, resignation.
  • Matthew Lewis, Saline High School, resignation.
  • Amanda Moore, Woodland Meadows, retirement.
  • Christy McGee, Saline High/Middle School, retirement.
  • Gloria Ernett, Student Services, retirement.
  • Christine Dager, Pleasant Ridge, resignation.
  • Peggy McEvoy, Harvest, retirement.
  • Pam Wickman, Pleasant Ridge, retirement.
  • Therese Jastrow, Saline High School, retirement.
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