Meet Saline High School Marching Drum Major Anna Loughman

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 09/08/2017 - 00:27
Saline senior Anna Loughman is drum major for the SHS Marching Band.

There are 195 performers in the Saline High School marching band this year. Each year, the band plays the national anthem, entertains the crowd with a halftime routine, and enlivens parades from Homecoming to Memorial Day.

Over the next few weeks, The Saline Post profiles leaders in the band.

Today, we meet drum major Anna Loughman.

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Name: Anna Loughman

Parents: Colleen and Patrick Loughman

Grade: 12

Instrument: French Horn

Title in the band: Drum Major

Describe your job in the band: I assist our directors with running rehearsals and conduct the band at halftime shows.

What was your reaction when you learned of your new role?  I was extremely surprised and excited to start working with Michael, the other drum major whom I had not yet met, and the band in a completely new role.

What do you like most about Friday nights at Hornet Stadium?  I love being with the 200 other kids in the band and getting to show everyone what we've worked so hard on for weeks. The support from my friends and the entire community is astounding.

Who is the funniest player in band? Claire Elizabeth Kalem. Check her out.

Do you have any Friday superstitions/routines?  I have a blue scrunchie at every game.

Other sports and extracurricular activities: I am a dancer of 14 years at Dance Steps Studio in Saline, where I perform with the competition team. I am the vice president of NHS as well as Students about Staying Healthy. Other clubs I participate in include Saline Youth Council and Interact.

Favorite subject in school:  Chemistry

Favorite ice cream:  Cookie Dough

Post high school plans:  I've only just begun applying to schools this past month. I hope to attend Northwestern, the University of Michigan, or Washington University in St. Louis with a major in neuroscience.

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