Meet Saline Marching Band Drum Major Anna Loughman

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 09/16/2016 - 01:46

The Saline High School Marching Band helps electrify Hornet Stadium on Friday nights. The band performs the national anthem and school fight song before the game. At halftime and after the game the band performs its choreographed routine. This year's show is an ode to Detroit pop and rock anthems by legendary artists like Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Smokey Robinson and The Romantics.

During the game, the marching band is stationed at the end of the field, where they join the cheerleaders and student section in cheering on the Hornets and disrupting the opponents.

Today we feature one of the band's leaders, Drum Major Anna Loughman.

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Anna Loughman

Parents: Colleen and Patrick Loughman

Grade: 11

Instrument: French Horn

Title in the band: Drum major

Describe your job in the band: I am one of the two conductors for the halftime show. We are there to provide a steady beat for the band to keep everyone together. When practicing, I help the directors with rehearsals and work to help the rest of the band in any way that I can.

What was your reaction when you learned of your new title? I was extremely excited to hear that I was going to get the opportunity to be one of Saline's drum majors. I have looked up to the other drum majors in the past and couldn't wait to take on the responsibility.

What do you like most about Friday nights at Hornet Stadium? I love the energetic atmosphere of everything. Our fantastic football team, the student section, our supportive community, and each of our members in the band. Seeing all of the freshman experience their first game is one of my favorite parts.

Who is the funniest player in band?  Stuart Dobson.

Do you have any Friday superstitions/routines?  I wear the same pair of socks for every game.

Other sports and extracurricular activities: At the high school I am a member of several clubs including link crew, interact, students about staying healthy, and NHS. Outside of school I dance at Dance Steps Studio and am a member of their competition team.

Favorite subject in school: Chemistry or Biology

Favorite ice cream: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Post high school plans: I have not yet applied to colleges as I am only a junior, however as of right now I hope to go into either pre-med or pre PA. I hope to continue both dancing and band beyond high school.

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