More Than a School: Saline Cooperative Preschool

 03/12/2018 - 21:52
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I always enjoyed the hands-on fun at my daughters' preschool.

The Saline Cooperative Preschool is more than a school— it’s a tradition (since 1957), it’s a community (members become life-long friends), and it’s hands-on (members participate first-hand in their child’s education).

When I moved to Saline, I looked for a cooperative preschool for my oldest daughter.  I had attended a cooperative preschool and I witnessed the friendships that developed between all the families— friendships that have now lasted over 40 years.  And as a former teacher, I definitely wanted to be involved in my daughter’s education.  Saline Cooperative Preschool was the perfect fit.

Our first year with the co-op preschool met all my expectations and more.  I helped out in the classroom on assist days and really got to know all of my daughter’s classmates.  One of the unanticipated benefits was the community of adults that my daughter could trust and who knew and loved her.  I was proud to see her interacting independently with these adults to say hello, to tell them a story, or to ask for help.  Throughout that year, parents and family members in our class bonded through shared work at the school and at school events.  Five years later, we are still good friends. 

The Saline Cooperative Preschool is a play-based preschool with learning centers, circle time and outdoor play. Our treasured teacher for the last 15 years, Bonnie Jacques, is our inspiration with her genuine love for our children, her firm but gentle classroom control and her creative and effective curriculum (like the Ocean curriculum and Beach Day).   We turn to "Ms Bonnie" for advice inside and outside the classroom and she never fails to provide thoughtful suggestions.  Many current and former educators have picked the Saline Co-op for their children’s first school for all of these reasons.   Kindergarten teachers in the area recognize co-op students for their kindergarten readiness.  

So when it was time to pick a school for my youngest, there was no question.

This is our last year with our last child in the Saline Cooperative Preschool and every year has re-affirmed our choice.  Our children received a high-quality education at a very low cost but most importantly, we became part of the Saline Cooperative Preschool Family.  We are a little sad to see this part of our lives come to an end, but know that the benefits our children received and the friendships we gained will last a lifetime.

Saline Cooperative Preschool is now enrolling for the 2018-19 school year.  It could be the perfect school for you and your family!  

Check out our website for more information about this unique preschool or call to set-up a tour (734) 429-0685.

Amy Tesolin
Amy Tesolin is a recent Saline area resident and mother of two. Originally from Windsor Ontario, she is a fan of the welcoming Saline community.