Pfannes Named President of Saline Board of Education

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 01/15/2020 - 01:49
During its annual membership meeting Tuesday, Saline Board of Education President Paul Hynek and Vice-President Heidi Pfannes switched places. Secretary Michael McVey was repaced by Tim Austin.

The Saline Area School District's Board of Education shuffled officers at its membership meeting Tuesday evening during the first regular meeting of the new year.

The process by which trustees were nominated and then chosen was a little different this year. Board trustees wrote their votes for nominees on paper ballots and handed them to Executive Assistant to the Superintendent Patti Waltz, who counted out the votes without revealing who voted for who.

"I was questioned by another board member, 'well we didn't do this last year,' and I said, 'Every year I've been on this board for 11 years it's been a different process,'" said then Board President Paul Hynek. "So this year we're going to follow a process and continue to follow a process."

Trustees could nominate themselves or another board member, and that nominee would be voted on unless they didn't consent to the nomination.

Hynek nominated now former Board Vice President Heidi Pfannes to the board presidency. She was elected unanimously by the board. She has previously served as vice-president.

Trustee Michael McVey nominated himself for the 2020 board vice-presidency. Trustee Jennifer Steben also nominated herself for the now open post. Pfannes nominated Trustee Tim Austin, who served as board president in 2018. Austin declined the candidacy and nominated Hynek for the post instead.

Hynek won the vice presidency with four votes, while McVey garnered two and Steben received one.

McVey attempted to retain his post as board secretary in the third and final vote, saying that he's "having a lot of fun with it so far." Pfannes nominated Trustee Susan Estep, Steben nominated herself, and Hynek nominated Austin.

Austin was named the board's secretary with three votes to Estep's two votes. McVey and Steben received one vote each.

Pfannes called the first Saline school board meeting to order under the new 2020 board of education at 6:38 p.m. Tuesday, January 14.


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