Saline Board of Education Learns About Video Program, Live Streaming Project

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 11/15/2017 - 10:22
Nate Bush is the video/photo instructor for Saline High School.

Nathan Bush, the video/photo instructor for Saline High School made a presentation to the Saline Area Schools Board of Education during its Nov. 14 meeting, giving an overview of the video program, including Saline Community Television Network, and highlighting the school's new live video streaming coverage.

About 150-180 students per year attend video-related classes that including producing about 150 videos per year covering school and community happenings, providing "real world" experience for video students.

The video program recently added live streaming of community events at, and the crew has produced live streaming of 12 events so far this year.

A video montage gives a glimpse into everyday life in the video program at SHS:






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