Saline Elementary Science Olympians Shine in the 2019 Washtenaw Elementary Science Olympiad

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 05/14/2019 - 09:36

On Saturday, May 11, 53 2nd-5th grade students from Harvest Elementary, Pleasant Ridge Elementary, Woodland Meadows Elementary, and Heritage School competed against more than 2,000 students from 39 different elementary schools in the 17th Annual Washtenaw Elementary Science Olympiad at Pioneer High School.

The Washtenaw Elementary Science Olympiad is the largest elementary Science Olympiad event in the country consisting of 21 events with topics including Feathered Friends, Estimania, Circuit Wizardry, iCompute, and GENE-ius.

"The kids worked extremely hard preparing for the event, learning all about a myriad of science topics, and having fun.  Our Saline Olympians placed in 19 out of the 40 events they entered," said Jon Spencer, coach of the the team.

2nd Grade

  • No Bones About It (2nd Place): Scarlett Stetson

  • Gravity Racers (3rd Place): Luke Teems; Max Huff; Ezra Davis

  • Aerodynamics (4th Place): Rethul Manikandan; Luke Teems

  • To Infinity and Beyond (5th Place): Aprielle Hart; Drew Erickson

  • Barge Building (Honorable Mention): Aprielle Hart; Ally Miller

  • Feathered Friends (Honorable Mention): Madeleine Sweeney; Liam Haeussler

3rd Grade

  • Hang Time (Honorable Mention): Mayur Reddy; Graham Bregger

  • Map Reading (Honorable Mention): Anish Jagarlamudi

  • On Target (Honorable Mention): Graham Bregger; Jack Spurry; Dillon Bhuva-Trombley

  • To Infinity and Beyond (Honorable Mention): Anish Jagarlamudi; Maksim Rakic-Dennis

4th Grade

  • Circuit Wizardry (Honorable Mention): Julia Rohde; Grace Gady; Sophie Roth

  • Hang Time (Honorable Mention): Andy Chen; Aadarsh Dittakavi; Abhay Dittakavi

  • iCompute (Honorable Mention): Andy Chen; Lorien Sieh

  • To Infinity and Beyond (Honorable Mention): Oren Dhamrat; Johan Jacob

5th Grade

  • Map Reading (3rd Place): Elyse Gentry

  • Circuit Wizardry (Honorable Mention): Vedulasre Manikandan

  • GENE-ius (Honorable Mention): Dilly Erickson; Elyse Gentry

  • Hang Time (Honorable Mention): Finn Spolans

  • Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah (Honorable Mention): Ben Holtz; Shyla Smith

For more information on the Saline Elementary Science Olympiad, please visit  For more information about the Washtenaw Elementary Science Olympiad, please visit their website .  

The Science Olympiad is a non-profit organization devoted to improving the quality of science education, increasing student interest in science, and providing recognition for outstanding achievement in science education.

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