Saline High School Ethics Team Places Top 4 in The State

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 02/06/2019 - 15:48


On February 2-3, 2019, two teams from Saline High School competed in the 6th Annual Michigan High School Ethics Bowl sponsored by A2 Ethics and the University of Michigan LSA: Philosophy Department. Placing in the top four teams in the state was the team of senior women: Kat Andrade, Deana Cotero, Logan Sepesi, Eleanor Smith, and Claire Weadock. Placing in the top eight teams in the state was the sophomore team: Finn Boulter, Madeline Hornyak, Susie Iyer, and Eli Trese. Kat Weeden also participated.

The competition took place at the University of Michigan: Mason Hall and was judged by university professors, local physicians, graduate students, and ethicists.

Each team studies locally written cases from the media about topics ranging from anonymous newspaper articles to human rights to DNR/DNI orders. They are real topics, in real time, involving real thinking. Teams meet from October-February, with their coaches (SHS teachers Matt Hamilton and Shelly Venema), to research the cases, to discuss the issues they raise, and, to identify clearly how they think those issues should be addressed.  

The winner of the Michigan Ethics Bowl 2019 was from Pioneer High School, and they will head to the National Ethics Bowl in North Carolina in April.

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