Saline High School Musicians Serve an Auditory Feast at Collage Concert

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 05/27/2017 - 02:32
Conductor Nate Lampman leads the SHS Jazz Band at the Collage Concert Friday.

Saline High Schools student musicians dazzled the crowd at a marathon concert Friday evening in the Ellen A. Ewing Performing Arts Center.

The wind ensemble, orchestra, jazz band and soloists and ensembles delighted the crowd at the annual Collage Concert. The musicians played on the stage, on the balconies and even in the aisles.

The music was sometimes moving. Nicholas Woods, violin, and Leah Keller, piano, performed a stunning rendition of Avro Part’s Fratres.

At times, it was lighthearted. Dominic Dorset played violin accompanied by himself on piano – via video. Dorset drew laughs when he expressed frustration with his uncooperative accompanist.  Principal David Raft dressed up in a Mudville baseball uniform and narrated as the wind ensemble performed Randol Alan Bass’ Casey at The Bat.

At the end of the concert, conductors Nate Lampman and Matthew Briere honored the graduating seniors and award-winners.

“This is the first class, for me, that I’ve had four years to work with. It’s been a real pleasure to spend four years with you. I wish you all the best,” Briere said. “There are some wonderful students in this class.”

Lampman congratulated the students for sticking with music.

“Congratulations for finishing what you started. Back in fifth grade you picked up that instrument. You learned how to draw that bow across the string. You learned how to push down the second valve and play that instrument. Look where you are today,” Lampman said. “Keep playing music. Keep being awesome. We’re going to miss you tremendously.”

The Collage Concert concludes a week of music at Saline High School. The High School Choir performed its spring concert Wednesday. The ninth grade band and the Symphonic bands played Tuesday.

The Marching Bands will play at the Memorial Day Parade Monday. The bands will also play at Saline High School Commencement Jun 4.


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