Saline History app created by second-graders soon to be available through app store

 04/12/2018 - 11:03
Saline History app created by second-graders soon to be available through app store
During the April 10 school board meeting, second graders from Woodland Meadows gave a presentation about a Saline History app they created that will soon to be available through app store. At left, a student holds an envelope with a "Top Secret" assignment: "Operation Save Saline History."

A Saline History app created by teacher Mary Ledford’s second graders at Woodland Meadows Elementary School has been completed and should soon be available through the app store.

Ledford and several of her students made a presentation to trustees at the April 10 meeting of the Saline Area Schools Board of Education, explaining the history of the project and letting trustees use a beta version of the app loaded onto electronic tablets.

The project began when several adults came to the second grade class dressed as secret agents to give the children a top secret assignment, “Operation Save Saline History.” During the school year, pupils interviewed a variety of local residents about Saline history and made videos about historical locations around the city, including Mill Pond and the Saline Train Depot.

The Saline History app contains a map with historical sites marked, and users can click a button for more information. Parents, teachers, and even school district alumni collaborated on turning the information into a phone app.

Ledford says they applied a few months ago to have the app available through the app store. She said it isn’t available yet, but it should be soon. In the meantime, residents can see some of the videos the second graders made on the Saline History website at



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