Saline Middle School Science Olympiad Team Takes Awards in 12 Events at Regional

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 03/01/2019 - 01:57

The Saline Middle School Science Olympiad team competed in the Michigan Science Olympiad Regional Tournament at Hillsdale College on February 23, and while they came away with awards in 12 events, they came up just short of qualifying for the State competition. According to co-head coach Lisa Spencer, this showing was very impressive since this is the first year the team has worked together.

The Olympians began practicing in October to prepare for the Olympiad by studying, building and studying to compete in 23 events covering topics including Anatomy and Physiology, Genetics, Astronomy, Forensics, Chemistry, Circuitry, Herpetology, and Elastic Launch Gliders.  

“The students loved experiencing different areas of science and playing around with them. As we prepared ourselves for the competition through learning theories and concepts, doing hand on activities, and going for field trips, their fear, or awe, of science has turned into a friendship with science.” added co-head coach Shiri Vivek.  “While they had fun, they are now more informed as they prepare for high school and college. I am confident that all of the Science Olympiad students will go far in life and be successful.”

\“We especially like to thank Quantum Signal and Liebherr-Aerospace for their donations to help us purchase much-needed equipment and supplies,” Spencer said.  “We really would have struggled without them. I also want to thank Saline Middle School Principal Mr. Bezeau for providing his support and practice space and all of our event coaches for all of their time working with the kids.”  

Saline Middle School students Suhani Dalela and Riley Spencer also applied for and received a grant from the Foundation for Saline Area Schools to help cover the costs of team shirts and field trips to outside research labs and facilities to encourage more interest in science from middle school students.

The following students received awards in their events:

  • 1st Place: Mystery Architecture (Abigail Rohde, Alice Jiang); Game On (Shinjan Bandyopadhyay, Neah Bloch); Herpetology (Abigail Rohde, Riley Spencer)
  • 2nd Place: Mystery Architecture (Corynn Gady, Andrew Boatswain); Game On (Owen Bloch, Caleb Dahl); Fossils (Avery Nealis)
  • 3rd Place: Battery Buggy (Ayush Reddy, Andrew Irgang); Roller Coasters (Riley Spencer)
  • 4th Place: Write It, Do It (Ayush Reddy, Alice Jiang); Boomilever (Riley Spencer, Neil Sachdeva); Circuits (Abigail Rohde, Andrew Irgang)
  • 5th Place: Thermodynamics (Ryan Landini, Avery Nealis); Fossils (William Rogers, Kyle Zahn); Experimental Design (Alice Jiang, Ayush Reddy, Suhani Dalela)

Science Olympiad is an extracurricular educational program with a mission to inspire the next generation of scientists, health professionals, and engineers.  For more information, please visit and

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