Saline Schools Open Principal Job Openings to the Public

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 06/19/2020 - 21:39

The Saline Area Schools district has posted two principal jobs open to internal and external candidates.

The administration jobs, posted on the district website, are open at Saline Middle School and Pleasant Ridge Elementary School.

Last week, Board of Education Trustees debated whether the job postings should remain internal or be opened to the public. Several trustees favored posting internally in an effort to save money and increase the likelihood the district is able to spare existing staff members from layoffs. On the other side, some trustees felt it was more important to open the job search to a wider community, hire the best candidate and potentially increase the likelihood of hiring a person of color.

In the end, the board left the decision in the hands of Superintendent Scot Graden.

It was previously estimated that hiring an external candidate could cost the district as much as $250,000 without cuts elsewhere. Graden said Friday night that $250,000 increase is included in the "roll forward" budget that will be up for adoption Tuesday night. That budget, based on existing foundation allowance and the spring student counts, would result in a $1.2 million deficit. The deficit is expected to grow when state funding cuts become clear.

The job openings were created when middle school principal Brad Bezeau resigned to become Superintendent of Manchester Community Schools and Pleasant Ridge Elementary School principal Betty Rosen Leacher retired.



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