Saline Student Musicians Earn All State Honors

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 11/27/2017 - 19:12
Pictured above are Saline High School's members of the All State Band, Paul Crowley, Zach Gabanyicz, Holden Collins, Leah Keller and Paul Kiyabu. Emma Rose Reilly is not pictured.

In late October thousands of high school and middle school musicians from all over the State of Michigan auditioned for membership in the Michigan All State Band.  Saline band and orchestra musicians performed exceptionally well this year with nine students earning positions in the All State ensembles, and three earning honorable mention.  These students will perform at the Michigan Music Conference in Grand Rapids on January 27. Please join us in congratulating the following student musicians:

sms all state orchestra.jpg

Pictured above are Cora Hart, Christian Manohar, Jason Chen and Luke Swanger.

Middle School All-State Band:

Jason Chen-Alto Saxophone

Luke Swanger-Trumpet

Cora Hart-Trumpet

Christian Manohar-Alto Saxophone Honorable Mention

shs all state orchestra.jpg

Pictured above are Alex Taulbee and Julio Wagner.

High School All-State Orchestra:

Alex Taulbee-Bass

Julio Wagner-Cello Honorable Mention

SHS all state band.jpg

Pictured above are Paul Crowley, Zach Gabanyicz, Holden Collins, Leah Keller and Paul Kiyabu.

High School All-State Band:

Leah Keller-Flute

Emma Rose Reilly-Clarinet

Paul Kiyabu-Trumpet

Zack Gabanyicz-Trumpet

Holden Collins-Tuba

Paul Crowley-Alto Saxophone Honorable Mention

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