Saline Students Compete in Michigan Easy Bake-Off

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 02/22/2019 - 16:51
Winners of the Saline Michigan Easy Bake-Off.

Move over, Food Network. Saline has its own baking champions. Saline students recently had the chance to compete in the Michigan Easy Bake Off. The event, which was sponsored in partnership with Saline Community Education, was held at Harvest Elementary School on Thursday, February 21.

Sixteen teams competed for the Top Baker award. The teams, which consisted of students and parent or guardian, were provided all the necessary items to make their cake creations. Each station was equipped with an Easy Bake oven, ingredients, cooking utensils and frosting to decorate. Students had one hour to mix, bake and frost their masterpiece.

Judges based their decisions on creativity and neatness rather than taste, and then awarded prizes to the top four bakers.

Winners in this competition were:

1st place: Emma Weidmayer (Saline Middle School)

2nd place: Oliver Dicks (Woodland Meadows)

3rd place: Cameron McGregor (Heritage)

4th place: Nicole Vandenberg (Harvest)

These Saline students will represent their school district at the final bake-off next month, where they will compete against other winners from Washtenaw, Wayne, and Livingston school districts. The competition will be held on March 14 at UAW Hall 898 in Ypsilanti.

The Michigan Easy Bake-Off plans to return to Saline in September for a Grandparent’s Day competition.

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