SAS Young Adult Program Students Shine at School Board Meeting

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 05/17/2019 - 12:49
Students from the Young Adult Program show their cardio drumming skills at the Board of Education meeting. In back are Avonte McClatchey, Anthony Brunt, Anna Atzinger, Michelle Boyle, and Joey Hornyak. In front are Zach Schamberger, Samantha Garcia, Sarah Zajac, and Anthony Hoeft.

Students from the Saline Young Adult Program had a chance to shine this week at the Saline Area Schools regular school board meeting with a talent show performance.

The program participants - students ages 18 to 26-years-old - are from five classrooms encompassed within the program.

The mission of the Saline Young Adult program is to empower individuals with disabilities with the skills, technology and socialization necessary for successful transition into the adult world.  The goal is for each student to live as independently as possible, engage in civic responsibility, and thrive as lifelong learners in a complex, global society.  

To see how well the program does with its participants, watch the following embedded video of Tuesday's performance.

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