Scot Graden and The Art of the Snow Day Tweet

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 01/28/2019 - 00:19

On the eve of a winter snowstorm, you’ll find Saline students, teachers and parents checking their phones more frequently than most nights. They’re waiting for the ruling from Saline Area Schools Superintendent Scot Graden: School or no school?

Graden has 5,875 followers on Twitter – compared to the 5,010 followers of the Saline Area Schools account. On Sunday night at 8:11 p.m., Graden and Saline Area Schools each tweeted the closure of schools due to the expected weather. The district’s tweet, featuring a meme from the movie “Home Alone,” received two comments, 18 retweets and 83 likes. Graden’s matter-of-fact tweet received 64 comments, 156 retweets and 434 likes.



Why the disparity? For one, it’s possible Graden’s tweet was a few seconds earlier – and that can make a difference. But the more likely reason for the disparity is that Graden has used Twitter to make calling snow days an art.

He primed the pump Sunday by teasing his audience.



And it riled up some of his followers.



When Dexter Superintendent Chris Timmis made the call and Saline still hadn’t – parents and teachers made note all over Facebook and Twitter.  Graden twisted the knife.



Then he made the call.



Compared to some of his peers in Washtenaw County, Graden was once more reluctant to call a snow day. Once, when asked why, he answered, “We’re undefeated in World Wars and I want to keep it that way.” Although the answer was somewhat tongue-in-cheek, Graden’s point seemed to be that fighting through the weather and carrying on was good for one’s character.

That resolve seems to have faded a little in recent years as safety has emerged as a key priority. Additionally, the district’s operations are more intertwined neighboring district’s and the ISD.

In his heart of hearts, perhaps, Graden still wants to send your kiddies to school on a snowy Monday. But he knows he can’t. But he’s going to have a wee bit of fun tormenting you before giving you what you want.

And with that, here are Graden’s greatest snow day tweets.




















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