SHS Writing Center Celebrates Publication of Literary Magazine

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 06/04/2019 - 18:51
Saline High School Writing Center published the 2018-2019 literary magazine, "Dreams".


  Saline High School Writing Center recently celebrated the publication of their literary magazine, “Dreams”, with a launch party hosted by Carrigan’s Café.

  Madelyn Clark and Jen Denzin, Saline High School teachers and co-directors of the writing center, were on hand to praise the work of the center and the accomplishments of the student consultants.

  Maggie Lupton, SHS senior, was the emcee of the evening. Lupton introduced the students who read their published pieces to the attendees, and also had the opportunity to read her own piece, titled “Valid Dreams”.

  “Being in the writing center has been one of the highlights of my high school career,” Lupton said. “This year, I was head of the social committee. This means I planned, or had a hand in, every social activity that we had, from in school events, to the launch party. While at times very stressful, I would not trade this work for anything else.”

  Lupton, who will be attending Michigan State University in the fall, feels that the writing center has been beneficial to the school since its launch two years ago.

  “I think the center has helped the students of Saline a lot,” she said. “We always portray ourselves as a more approachable option for writing help and I think that makes a big difference. Students tend to be more receptive to peer on peer help, as we have found. I have seen countless students come in and out of our center with a newfound confidence in their writing, or at least the knowledge of how to use a comma correctly. I think that is a super cool thing.”

  Julia Bentley was one of the student consultants who worked on the publication of this year’s literary magazine.

  “I wanted it to be perfect, and it took me all trimester to complete” she said.

  Bentley feels that the writing center is unique when compared to writing centers at other schools around the country because they offer the option of online tutoring sessions.

  “Most schools rely on in-person consultation, which is something that isn’t as common at SHS. We are proud of how our online submission system is something that more students find easily accessible and convenient, as many teachers don’t want their students to leave class to get help on a paper.”

  Bentley, who will be attending University of Michigan next fall, read from her story titled “A Letter to Hogwarts.” 

  Attendees of the launch party were encouraged to visit the tables at the café, where writing stations were on display with prompts to encourage the participants. Student consultants were also on hand to sell copies of the magazine and speak with attendees about the program.

    “The party was a huge success,” Bentley said. “The support of the community is something that means a lot to everyone involved in the Writing Center. We have an increase in interest and awareness about what we do, as well as the strong support of the community. With the incredible group of seniors that we had in 2017-2018 Writing Center, I wasn’t sure how we would be able to top that. However, the success of this year proves that the SHS Writing Center’s future is looking bright."

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