Staff Brings 'Leader in Me' Program to Woodland Meadows Elementary School

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 05/01/2019 - 13:19
From left to right, Woodland Meadows Elementary School Principal Michelle Szczechowicz, Ed.S., Principal, Megan DeGrand, First Grade Teacher. Nicole McKelvey, Second Grade Teacher,vBeth Musson, Teacher Consultant, and Maranda Moore, First Grade Teacher.

Woodland Meadows teachers and administrators have begun disseminating the concepts presented in Stephen R. Covey's "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" and will continue instilling the books' concepts in Saline's children.

Covey's book, which has sold more than 25 million copies worldwide and was one of the first non-fiction audio books on the market to sell more than one million copies, posits a theory on self development that emphasizes character over personality and promotes caring about one's self as much as the results of our actions and endeavors.

The seven principles include "being proactive" and "beginning with the end in mind," or "seeking first to understand, then to be understood.”

Woodland Meadows Principal Michelle Szczechowicz,likened the seven principles to the qualities that adorn the SAS Compass logo – a guiding concept for Saline's educators.

Szczechowicz and some members of her staff, including first grade teacher Megan DeGrand, second grade teacher, Nicole McKelvey, teacher consultant Beth Musson, and first grade teacher Maranda Moore, visited Hawkins Elementary School in Brighton, where the Leader in Me concept has been implemented from the top down.

"(They) really took this idea of growing leaders in their school and making them independent and thoughtful thinkers," DeGrand said.

SAS officials have had meetings and book studies following the Hawkins visit and professional development and credentialing of Woodland Meadows staff are the next steps to bringing this program to Saline.

"We had grade level dependent chairs go to the school and it really spoke volumes about the kids; how they felt about their school in their eyes," DeGrand added.

Hawkins students showed off their Leadership Hall to the Woodland Meadows contingent. The hall displayed pictures of their favorite idols and role models and others they identified with.

DeGrand added she believes Leader in Me would wed well with the SAS programs and initiatives and the Compass concept that they all revolve around.

Musson said the meetings on the program thus far haven't just involved teachers, but everyone from custodians to parent volunteers.  

If Saline children are going to be taught to instill the seven principals and become true leaders, it's going to take everyone's effort to really make this program shine.

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