VIDEO: Saline Class of 2020 Will Defined by Memories, Not Quarantine

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 04/20/2020 - 01:52

The coronavirus may have robbed the Saline High School class of 2020 of the last few months of high school, the winter sports playoffs, spring sports, concerts, prom and other activities that have been rites of passage for previous classes. But, as Ryan Lampman said in the video below, "We will not be defined by three months of quarantine, but by three years of memories. No virus, or anything else, can take that away from us."

The video was organized and edited by Connor Wright. Ali Groth, Ashley Desimone, Chris Clisham, Collin Wagner, Connor Martin, Elizabeth Solis, Ella Marsh, Ella Whoelke, Erin O'Neill, Erin Reilly, Grace Edwards, Hannah Shumway, Jason Taylor, Josh Verwoert, Julius Burtell, Mallory Boe, Megan Bankowski, Morgan Comfort, Nick Franklin, Regan Cox, Ryan Schwartz, Ryli Harden, Sam Scarlett, Sammi Woods, Sophie Wood, Spencer Staples, Stephanie Fletcher, Sydney Friedman, Taylor Page, Trevor Arico, Trevor Kudlak, Yanic Sadek, and India Pruette contributed clips for the video. The speech at the start and conclusion of the video was composed by Jake Walper.

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