Young Saline Team Takes 11th Among 60 Schools State Science Olympia

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 05/05/2017 - 01:21

The Saline High School Science Olympiad team had a good day at the State Championship Tournament. The Team finished 11th out of the 60 teams that qualified for States.  Saline advanced to the State tournament after finishing third at Regionals. Nearly 200 teams compete in Michigan with only the top two advancing to Nationals. 

Winning in Michigan is very difficult as Michigan is one of the top states in the country for Science Olympiad. Northville defended its title and will be joined by International Academy who took the State Runner up slot. 

Saline won medals in nine of 23 events, including one silver and three bronzes. Saline also had strong showings in Towers and Helicopters both of which were first year students. An unfortunate computer glitch negated one of Saline’s strong teams in the Game On event resulting in all their data being lost.  That coupled with a few things out of the team’s control cost Saline over 100 points. So the true capability of this team was sixth place, said Saline coach Nath Akella

"This years team just had some bad luck this year and it dropped them several places," Akella said. "I could not be prouder of this team. Many of them worked really hard to get to states. Our goal was to win it, but I am proud that we finished 11th.  It’s a great accomplishment and one I hope the students enjoy because they earned it. 

Akella said his young team gained a lot of experience.

"This was one of the youngest teams we have ever sent to States. We only had four seniors. We only had one junior with experience. The rest of the team was either underclassmen, or juniors in their first year," Akella said. "Typically,  other top high schools only send upper classmen, so it really reflects well on this team just how much they accomplished being so much younger."

The State team this year was:

  • Seniors Jack G, Jason L, Sophia Z and Keerthana A.
  • Juniors: Keshav A,  Sean C,  Josh B.
  • Sophomores:  Ruth S,  Laurel S, Lia A, Leah A,  Jason L,  Henry H.
  • Freshmen:  Yolian L,  Dana K.
  • Alternates/Team assistants:  Hannah and Jordan.

Pictured below are Saline's medal winners.

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