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 02/09/2019 - 09:03

Join us for the following upcoming events at SASC!

Tasty Treats Competition- We are looking for a few more entries for our Tasty Treats Competition on February 22. Local bakers Shawna Sloan (Matty J's), Brian Shockley (Baker's Nook), Melissa Stapish (The Alternative Chef), and Mayor Brian Marl will be judging. Non-SASC members are welcome to enter for $5. SASC members are free. You could win a gift card to a local restaurant!

The Playlist of Our Lives- Join Patty Hart for a fun event on March 8 from 2-4pm. $10 members, non-members are welcome for $15.

Chili Cook-Off- Come for a friendly competition and pick the winner of Saline's best chili! Local businesses including the Fire Department, Police Department, Smokehouse 52, Oscar's, Brewed Awakenings, and The Alternative Chef will be competing. They will also be at their table to answer questions about their menu. $5, please register by March 18.

Call 734-429-9274 for more information.


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