Basketball: Saline Seniors Reflect on Hornet Basketball Career

 03/09/2018 - 18:30
Saline's senior varsity basketball players are pictured with their coaching staff.

As basketballs and sneakers get ready to transition to baseballs and bats, another group of seniors prepare to join the growing group of young men and women to join the ranks of former players. 


In 2017-18, the team had five seniors.  Each of them was asked to respond to five questions.  The questions were:


  1. What have you enjoyed most from your time at SHS?  What courses have you enjoyed the most?
  2. What has it been like to be an athlete at SHS for you?  What do you consider to be your #1 sport?
  3. Reflecting on the 2017-18 basketball season, what has this year taught you that you can use in your life going forward?
  4. As your time at SHS is coming to an end, what advice do you have for your teammates and student-athletes who will come after you?
  5. What is next for you?  What are your plans following graduation from SHS?


This year, the seniors included Jayden Belskus, Zachary Devno, Adam Heisler, Co-Captain Emmett Turner, Co-Captain Erik Wenning. 

For each, here are their parting words.

Emmett Turner, Co-Captain:

“SHS has allowed me to explore numerous courses and helped me to find how I plan to better the world.  I have enjoyed exercise physiology and AP Biology.”  His experience as an athlete was described as “a dream playing sports for Saline.  Looking up from the sideline to see a whole community behind you is second to none.”  Emmett said his #1 sport is football.

“Life will throw a lot at you.  This season has taught me that no matter what happens, keep moving forward.”    His advice to others is “for the time you have, dive in the bleachers and slap the floor.  You never know when you won’t be able to anymore.”  Advice that will serve people well for their entire life.

Emmett will be attending Johns Hopkins University in the fall to pursue an engineering degree and a football career. 


Erik Wenning, Co-Captain:

“I enjoyed meeting so many new people and connections I’ve made.  I’ve really enjoyed the business courses I’ve taken as well as economics.”  Erik described his experience as an athlete as “a lot of hard work and dedication.  Basketball is my number one sport and I have enjoyed that the most.”

Erik said that this basketball season has taught him “that in order to succeed it means working hard and not taking short cuts.”  His advice to others is “cherish your tome while you can.  Time really flies so make the most of school, sports and the friendships you have.”

Erik reports he will attend MSU in the fall and study business.


Adam Heisler:

“The people are who made my time at SHS enjoyable.  I have always liked the science courses and band because of the great teachers and the work in that area of the high school.”  Adam said “being an athlete is like being part of a family that doesn’t live together.  We are all very close with one another and it is always great when I get to see these guys on an off the court.”  Adam said basketball is his “number one and only sport.”

Adam said “this year has taught me the importance if determination and resolve.  There have been a couple of low points in our season, but because of our team’s persistence, we have always bounced back from our struggles.’  His advice to his younger teammates is “work hard.  In everything you do, work hard and try your best.  If you do your best on everything, you will have very few regrets.”  Well said Adam.  Good words for all of us.

Adam plans to continue his basketball career at a Division III school and to eventually get his doctorate in chemistry or some other scientific field.


Jayden Belskus:

“At my time at SHS I have enjoyed growing as a person and getting to meet new people.”  He said his favorite course was fitness.  Jayden described his experience as an athlete at SHS as “being an athlete has been fun and I have enjoyed it.”  He said baseball is his #1 sport.

Jayden said that “this basketball season has taught me that even though everyone may not see the work you put in, eventually it all will pay off.”  His advice to others is “to stay focused on your goals and stay humble.”

After graduation, Jayden plans to “play baseball and study business at Albion College.”


Zachary Drevno:

”I have enjoyed the friendships I have made with my teachers and peers.”  His favorite class was AP U.S. Government.  Zach said his experience as an athlete at SHS was “awesome because it allows to connect with your classmates on a different level.”  Zachary’s #1 sport is football.

Zachary thought this basketball season has taught him that “no matter what happens you can find fun in everything.”  His advice to his younger peers was to “embrace your role and remember that Iron sharpens Iron.”

Following graduation, Zachary plans to “attend Vanderbilt University to play football and study Human and Organizational Development.”

On behalf of the students of SHS and the entire Saline community, thank you.  And when you can, please return to watch what you have helped to build

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