Saturday's Alumni Basketball Game Benefits Foundation for Saline Area Schools

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 02/19/2019 - 01:16

Several of Saline High School's finest basketball alumni will face off in a rematch of the Foundation for Saline Area Schools (FSAS) Alumni Basketball Challenge at 5 p.m., on Saturday, Feb. 23, in the Saline High School gym.

Featuring SHS hoopsters from the last six decades, the Blue and Gold squads will put their skills on display for the community, in support of the FSAS. In the inaugural game last year, the alumni handily defeated a team comprised of Saline teachers and staff. The event, held at Liberty School, raised over $500 for the Foundation.

Attempts were made this year to have Saline alums square off against alums from Chelsea High School. After a couple of months, the Bulldogs decided that they were unable to field a team.

The FSAS declared their support for the event and divided the alums into Blue and Gold squads. Featuring Saline alums from the ‘60’s, ‘70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s & 2010’s, the FSAS is proud to announce the Blue and Gold teams in the Alumni Basketball Challenge.

The teams are as follows:

Blue Squad

  • Dale Wilson, ’68 – Head Coach
  • Steve Jordan, ‘85
  • Lee Haselschwerst, ’94
  • Matthew Rosati, ’15 
  • Justin Marshall, SAS teacher   
  • Jay Jahnke, ’77
  • Brian Chenevey, ‘91  
  • Amanda Zylstra, ’15
  • Grant Fanning, ’87 & SAS teacher
  • Eric Jacobsen, ’14 & SHS asst. coach

Gold Squad

  • David Ziegler, ’73 – Head Coach

  • Jay Haselschwerdt, ‘94

  • Scott Cherry, ‘95

  • Brandon White, ‘88    

  • Dan Roughton, ‘91

  • Jacob Alles, ‘98

  • Jake Fosdick, ’09 & SAS staff

  • Caitlin Ellis, ’13 & SAS teacher

  • Tom Burr, ‘69

  • Joe Welton, SAS Teacher


Former Saline varsity coach Ken Sippell will be on hand to provide advice to the coaches on both benches. There is a $5 donation suggested at the door.  Children and all Saline Area Schools’ students will be admitted free to the event. 

Relive memories from the past as you watch your friends and former classmates take it to the basket one more time, as both teams compete for the coveted Alumni Basketball Challenge trophy on Saturday, 2-23-19 at 5 p.m. at Saline High School.



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