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Tuesday, 2019 Aug 06th

Thursday, 2019 Mar 28th

Saturday, 2018 Nov 03rd

On this day, 300 years ago, a hero was born.

John Montagu was born to Edward Montagu, Viscount Hinchingbrooke. Montagu would become a...


Thursday, 2018 May 17th

Dining options have been limited in the City of Saline thanks to Wednesday’s water main break, loss of water service and the resulting boil water...


Wednesday, 2017 Jan 18th

Tuesday, 2016 Nov 15th

Volunteer Audrey Schwimmer stands in front of some of the handmade holiday stockings now available at Carrigan Café as part of a charitable endeavor benefiting two local organizations that serve the underprivileged.

Those desiring one-of-a-kind holiday stockings this year need look no further than Carrigan Café, which currently has an ample supply of the...


Tuesday, 2016 Sep 20th

Mayor Brian Marl invited all Saline residents to join him, along with candidate for State Representative Donna Lasinski, for an upcoming coffee...


Wednesday, 2016 Jul 27th

Artist Katherine Daugaard explains one of her works to cafe owner Karen Carrigan.

The Saline Area has a strong commitment to the arts. This was exemplified by the two artist receptions on Thursday night for ongoing art shows,...