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 08/11/2019 - 20:58

Hello everyone.  Some of you may know me already, but my name is Jeffrey Pitt and I have lived in Saline since June of 2008. I am also a father to a very smart and beautiful 6 year-old daughter. I have been a professional Meteorologist for over 18 years and have a bachelors degree in Meteorology from the University of Michigan (2001).  This is a childhood dream of mine to be a Meteorologist. As a kid, one of the things I had done often was watching and analyzing radar animations on The Weather Channel, then go running up and down my street in Redford Twp to warn my neighbors what time the storms would be arriving so they can get prepared.  Now as an adult, I am very blessed to be living the dream as a Meteorologist. Though I love what I do for the company I work for, I also like to use my knowledge to serve my friends, family and community. 

I was asked if I could participate on here and do some articles every now and then regarding the weather on the Saline Post. I want to say I am very happy to have the privilege to do this for the community. This will be a feeling out process as we go along. The goal will be to inform you on potentially significant weather events, and maybe some side forecasts for upcoming outdoor events around here like the Oktoberfest or Halloween night for example. I do have a Twitter handle @cyclonicvortex and I will put some tweets out there on short term weather stuff or climate stats though you will see some sports stuff on here too :). I am on FB as well, and sometimes I do weather posts or FB live videos, which I try to post on the Saline Post FB page.  For those whom are teachers, I also like doing class visits, and talking about and educating the weather to the students. So if that interests you, please feel free to contact my via e-mail: [email protected]

So, I look forward to sharing more posts with you all. I appreciate any feedback you can give me as it will help to make this a success for everyone.



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Jeffrey Pitt
Resident of Saline since 2008. I have been working professionally as a Meteorologist since June 2001 for the same company. I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Meteorology at The University of Michigan in 2001. Weather is my passion and I am living my childhood dream of being a Meteorologist. However, I feel it is has been a personal duty of mine to keep people informed on upcoming weather events good or bad, and teaching about the weather as well. I am a father to a bright and beautiful 6yr old daughter. I also enjoy gardening, playing guitar/bass, telling silly dad jokes, watching all kinds of sports, playing golf, and all things hockey.