Saline City Council Preview: Macon Road Resolution, Development Extension, Wastewater Treatment Issues and More


Wastewater treatment plant operations are improving, according to a report the City of Saline's wastewater treatment/water treatment ad hoc committee will present at a city council work meeting Monday.

The committee was originally supposed to make the report in August but it was delayed as workers health the impact of severe rain and weather

According to the report, there is a single area where the equipment is not operating up to design standards. The secondary clarifiers are not functioning properly because the sludge and scum lines must be completed. They are expected to be cleaned this winter.

The committee includes city manager Colleen O'Toole, City Councillor Dean Girbach, John Ambrose, Laurie Champion, Mark Fechik and Brian Rubel.

The work meeting begins at 6 p.m.

New Officers Sworn In

Police officers Kevin Gibson and Jestin Wilder will be sworn in at the regular council meeting. 

Council to Consider Macon Road Resolution

City council will consider passing a resolution in support of the Huntington Woods Homeowners Association's request to reduce the speed limits on Macon Road from 45 to 25 miles per hour.

Water Production and Wastewater Treatment Superintendent

Council will consider appointing William Briggs as the water production and wastewater treatment superintendent. Briggs has 30 year of experience in wastewater treatment and 14 years in water treatment. Most recently, he worked as superintendent of water and wastewater in Hillsdale. Briggs is seeking a waiver of the city's residency requirement as he wishes to continue residing in Hudson.

GBA Extension

City staff are recommending the city walk away from the purchase agreement with GBA Development for the city's last parcel with Michigan Avenue frontage. GBA is seeking a nine-month extension on a purchase and development agreement with the city to buy the property for $817,500. The developers are pitching restaurants and a 120-unit apartment complex. The city and GBA entered into the agreement in February of 2019 and the city has granted several extensions. Most recently, a 30-day extension was granted Aug. 16. A memo from City Manager O'Toole to council said the development does not align with the city's redevelopment goals for that location. 

Water Quality

In discussions, city council will discuss water quality. In recent weeks, more and more city residents have complained of brown and rusty water.

Administrative Consent Order

Saline City Council is expected to go into a closed session near the end of the meeting to discuss EGLE's administrative consent order with the city on its wastewater treatment plant issues. Language in the agenda makes it appear the city and EGLE are close to an agreement.

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