Online Community @ The Saline Post for Week of Jan 21, 2018

 01/28/2018 - 14:37
Online Community @ The Saline Post for Week of Jan 21, 2018
The most active topic this week related to the question of when the new school year should start and how Saline Board of Education members voted on that question.

Hard as it may be to believe, you're already looking at our last update for the month of January 2018. Moreover, outside Saline Michigan temperature is in the mid-40s.

Far and away our most active article was the piece titled "Saline Board of Education Votes 5-2 for Early School Start in 2019-20." Coming in second was "Property Owner, Developer Want 72 Acres Annexed to City of Saline for Housing." Finally, with a Comment for each, two contributions related to the same topic: "Saline Police Step Up Traffic Enforcement on Henry Street" and "City Council Considers Solutions to Henry Street Speeders."

Moving on to the Forums, there was action on a wide variety of topics.

First under General discussion, "Saline Chamber highlights hotel plans during Lucy Ann Lance interview" is actually as supplement to "Lucy Ann Lance Updated Her Local Radio Audience on Saline Hotel Progress" and consists of a lead item and multiple additions.

"One of the best obituaries ever written" is a part humor, part thought-provoking thread I started this morning based on a Tweet by Lucy Ann Lance. Around Town had "Questions for Members of the Class of 1968" and an opinion piece on "The Pros and Cons of Youtube TV."

Dogs & Cats also provided a first-hand report on my wife Janet Deaton's experience with a "trial run" at boarding her dogs last week. Sports included an appeal to look at "Michigan Ball Hockey at Livonia."

Finally, Politics started to see a bit of activity again last week. Apparently Pittsfield Township allocates time on its agenda for responses to citizen comments, so the question was raised here in terms of whether or not this should be considered for Saline Board of Education and City Council meetings.

Goodnight, Tran.

Dell Deaton
Saline High School, Class of 1981. Live in the city and vote. I am a local business owner (d2 Saline aka D2 Enterprises), and have been since August 12, 1983. Photographer, watch historian, and career marketing professional. Investor in the Best Western Premier Saline hotel project. My business pays for advertising on The Saline Post. I also write for this site, without compensation, and all opinons expressed are solely my own.

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