Online Community @ The Saline Post for Week of Jan 7, 2018

 01/14/2018 - 12:45
Online Community @ The Saline Post for Week of Jan 7, 2018
"Serendipity" may be the best word to describe The Saline Post Forums this week: Check out the Photography sub-forum and learn about both the photograph and photographer.

A couple of Comments on The Saline Post this week suggest that some readers would like to engage a bit further with article contributors.

Yesterday it was a piece titled "Two Transported to Hospital After Crash on Michigan Avenue" — which came a day after another automobile accident within spittin' distance of the same spot. Before that, "Saline Township Board Says 'No' to Medical Marijuana" elicited a question for clarification from another reader.

Contributors are free to engage with readers as much or as little as they choose. But it should be noted that writing via the Internet has created the opportunity, if not expectation, of dialogue here.

Turning to the Forums, we're seeing a number of things to suggest that the training wheels are coming off here.

"Around Town" introduced another conversation starter along the lines of what we've seen tried in "Saline Selects." This round, the weather prompted a question about neighborhood snow removal: "How did the Saline DPW or County Do in Your Neck of the Woods?"

"Photography," on the other hand, broke new ground on several fronts. A thread titled "Depression Photography" allowed a seemingly generic journalism class photograph to act as springboard for letting readers get to know a little more about the personal history of Tran Longmoore, founder of The Saline Post.

Also check out the neat photo essay on the GM Renaissance Center.

A new sub-forum labeled "Dogs & Cats" was added this past week in the wake of the heavy Commenting on a recent article about the effects of severe winter weather on dogs outdoors.

Janet Deaton, who is a Certified Pet Instructor and Canine Good Citizen Trainer, Evaluator, has agreed to regularly contribute on this topic and help organize a somewhat centralized reference hub there.

This week, Dogs & Cats threads included "Therapy dogs at EMU can help you deal with stress and anxiety" and "Experiment with people proves outside now is too cold for dogs overnight."

Finally, we've started to leverage The Saline Post Forums as a more "interaction friendly" supplement to our own article contributions. For example, when publishing our Throwback Thursday feature on Saline participation in a 1984 trade show, we created separate threads with more information in "Saline History" — open to content specific feedback — as opposed to simply running a string of additional photographs.

In this case, see "Universal Die Casting, circa 1984" and "Universal Die Casting trade show booth at 'Automotive News World Expo 84.'"

Until next weekend, it's back to you, the readers.

Dell Deaton
Saline High School, Class of 1981. Live in the city and vote. I am a local business owner (d2 Saline aka D2 Enterprises), and have been since August 12, 1983. Photographer, watch historian, and career marketing professional. Investor in the Best Western Premier Saline hotel project. My business pays for advertising on The Saline Post. I also write for this site, without compensation, and all opinons expressed are solely my own.

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