Saline Celebrates 150th Birthday with Fireworks Show

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 10/18/2016 - 01:21

The city of Saline celebrated its 150th birthday in style. Wolverine Fireworks Display from Kawkawlin, Michigan (north of Bay City) put on a thirty minute show that will be remembered.

The event occurred at Crabtree field behind Liberty School. Groups of people positioned themselves in spots all around the launch area including Liberty School, the Senior Center, Saline Middle School, Woodland Meadows Elementary School, Heritage Elementary School and the Weber Blaess school house.

Since the display was centrally located and the rockets were launched high, many people could see the spectacle without leaving their neighborhoods.

Some folks arrived at the schools early to make a party of it. Tailgaters provided treats to those who showed up in their areas. Children and adults played catch, corn hole, foursquare and other games until it was too dark to do so.

The lights around the launch area were turned off around 7:20 p.m. to allow an unobstructed view of the sky. The sky had much to offer even before the show began as a nearly full “supermoon” rose and cast its lambent light on shifting cloud formations.

Many more viewers showed up in the last hour before the show. Families carrying folding chairs trooped in from nearby homes or drove in to one of the numerous parking areas surrounding the field.

The show did not disappoint. A barrage of pyrotechnics exploded in the night sky for 30 minutes, finishing with a colorful finale and booming sky bombs. In addition to big globular bursts, there were smiley faces, heart shapes, plant-like patterns and stars.

It has been a long time since professional fireworks have been launched in Saline. This one was a fitting tribute to the city’s sesquicentennial.


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