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 05/16/2018 - 00:05

The Saline Post daily email newsletter has a few new features starting this morning.

If you scroll down, you'll see our free classified advertisements and, below the daily events, you'll see a new feed of stories and information from Michigan Radio.

We once had our classified ads listed as part of our regular news feed, but we heard complaints from readers and removed the feed. Still, if our readers take the time to post classified ads, we want them to be seen. So you just have to scroll down a little bit to see them. 

We'll try the Michigan Radio feed for awhile. We have to be a little careful about adding more to the newsletter because Gmail and some news services clip our feeds once the HTML file reaches a certain size. And we're pushing it now. 

We look forward to your feedback.

You can subscribe to our daily newsletter by filling in your email address at this link.

You can post free classifieds if you register by clicking here and go through the registration process (check your spam filter!). If you don't want to fuss with our content management system, we'll post your classified ad for $7.50. Just email it to us and we'll bill you via email.


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