Saline Rotary Club Contributes to Boy Scout Troop 446

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 01/08/2018 - 16:55
Saline Rotary Club President Todd Lands presents a check from the club to Boy Scout Troop 446 Saline.

Saline Rotary Club presented a check for $1,000 to Boy Scout Troop 446.

Troop 446 is sponsored by Saline Rotary Club. Tammy Mayrend is Scoutmaster.

Boy Scout Troop 446 is the oldest troop in Saline. It has been operating since 1925, although the troop number has changed over the years. Some may remember it as Troop 46, Troop 23, or even Troop 1. It is also the only troop in town with the ability to participate with the Mackinac Island Governor's Honor Guard Program, a valuable experience for any scout to enjoy.

Since 1925 the troop has had 96 Eagle Scouts. Today there are 33 scouts, two of whom are working on their Eagle Scout project. Those 33 scouts earned 99 merit badges and 27 rank-ups.

Last year, Troop 446 built 77 new flagpoles that were displayed throughout Saline. They also worked on rejuvenating a nature trail at Bishop Elementary School. One scout restored the porch at the historic Sutherland-Wilson house. The scouts also worked to clean debris after storms struck Historic Ford Wayne in Detroit.

Scouts also marched in the parade, sang Christmas carols at Evangelical Homes and baked over 1,500 cookies that were given to people at homeless shelters. Around the community you can find Troop 446 helping with parking at the Saline Community Fair, assisting at the Cemetery Tour, removing invasive species at Camp Pioneer and volunteering as ushers at International Festival.


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