White Privilege - Let's Talk: Discussion Series to be held at St. Paul UCC in Saline

 09/05/2017 - 13:49

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St. Paul United Church of Christ would like to extend an invitation to the community to join us in an important discussion series about race.  The series is titled White Privilege: Let's Talk — A Resource for Transformational Dialogue.  It is an adult curriculum from the United Church of Christ that's designed to invite participants to engage in safe, meaningful, substantive, and bold conversations on race.  

The curriculum was developed by Rev. John Dorhauer, Rev. Da Vita McCallister, Rev. Dr. Stephen Ray, Rev. John Paddock, and Rev. Traci Blackmon.  The course is divided into four focused parts, each one introduces a different aspect of the dynamic of white privilege:

1. The Spiritual Autobiography Told Through the Lens of Race
2. Whiteness as the Norm: Five Loci of Insights on the Binary of Light/Dark and Black/White
3. The Cash Value of Whiteness or Whiteness as a Tax-Exempt Status
4. On Becoming an Ally

In all four parts, each author contributes a different view of the subject matter presented based on their unique personal experiences. The materials include questions for discussion and reflection. 

The discussions will be held at St. Paul UCC and will be facilitated by the Reverends Keith and Pam Koebel beginning on Thursday, 9/7, at 6:30 p.m.  The group will continue to meet every Thursday for approximately a month, depending on what the class decides.  The event and materials are free of charge.  If interested, please contact us so that we may provide materials for you.

St. Paul United Church of Christ, 122 W. Michigan Ave, Saline



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