Apartment Complex Roof Collapse Causes No Injuries, but Headaches for Residents

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 06/15/2019 - 15:11

A Clark Street apartment complex was evacuated after a roof collapse early Saturday morning, forcing several residents into new apartments.

Fortunately, there were no injuries, but residents living in Thorncrest Apartments, at 266 Clark St., have been barred from entering their apartments - leaving behind belongings and, in at least one case, a pet cat.

Firefighters were called to Thorncrest Apartments around 9:45 a.m. Firefighter Brandon Sears confirmed there were no injuries. Sears said the collapse occurred around four or five hours before firefighters arrived.

"We were there on standby and to help a few folks as they entered apartments to pick a few necessities," Sears said.

According to Sears, the center of the roof collapsed approximately five or six feet, damaging the roof and exterior walls. Belfor restoration company was called to work on site.

The Saline Post has called Balfor and apartment management seeking information about the situation and estimates on when residents might return to their apartments. Saline Police were not called to the scene.

According to Sears and residents of the apartment complex, Thorncrest, owned by Ann Arbor-based Nam Investments, LLC, was in the process of improving the roof on the building. Heavy piles of shingles were stacked on the roof. Thorncrest Apartments was build in 1967 with 11 buildings totally 76,890 square feet.

It's unclear how many people are impacted by the evacuation - but it's been hard on residents.

One resident who evacuated and moved to a one-bedroom apartment elsewhere in the complex was only able to grab a few things. She was able to locate most of her pets, but couldn't find one and has asked residents to keep an eye out.




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