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 09/04/2018 - 12:44

Brittany Bryant was crowed Miss Saline at the Saline Community Fair last week.

The daughter of Kimberly and David Bryant, Brittany was judge winner of the pageant, which featured four competitors. She won an $1,100 scholarship, $100 Scholarship from Bank of Ann Arbor, a $100 gift card from Old National Bank and more.

Courtney Zmich was runner-up. She won an $850 Scholarship, a $50 Bank of Ann Arbor Scholarship, a $50 gift card from Key Bank and more.

Ashley Desimone was second runner-up, winning a $750 Scholarship, a $50 Bank of Ann Arbor Scholarship and a $50 gift card donated by Joel Ciotta of Yes Insurance.

Claire Weadock won the Nancy Niethammer Volunteer Award, which included a $100 scholarship and $250 scholarship from Aubrey and Jim Gordon. Weadock also earned a $100 gift card from FMSA as third runner-up.

The judges were Krista Rogers Herrygers, Lindsay Watts and Hilda Lopez.

Braynt won the Excellence in Interview Award, which comes with a $100 cash prize from the Coy family.

Contestants were judged on a pre-pageant interview, their answers to questions, and poise shown while modeling an evening gown. Bryant’s ease before the microphone was no surprise. She’s an accomplished singer, public speaker and debater.

She entered the pageant with a strong resume as a youth leader. She’s the president of the American Sign Language Club, Saline High School Choir, and Saline High School Spanish Club. She’s vice-president of the book club.

Still, she was surprised when she realized when she’d won the pageant.

“It felt so great. It was incredible. I've been watching (the pageant) for years, so to be up here is really amazing,” Bryant said.

Bryant said she looks forward to a busy year of attending events as Miss Saline.

“I love being a leader in the community. I love being a role model and acting as a leader, so I knew that being Miss Saline and helping the community is something I've always wanted to do,” Bryant said.” I hope to go to as many community events as possible and represent my community. I love talking to people and meeting new people, so I would love to meet people through this, as well.”

On stage, Bryant was asked what drives her to seek leadership roles in so many activities.

“What really drives me to seek leadership roles in clubs and activities is the effect it has on other people in the groups. I am able act as a role model for these individuals and that is something that is indescribable,” Bryant said. “I love influencing others with positive energy and bringing that positive vibe to the groups I am a part of.”

Bryant is pursuing a vocal performance major at a conservatory and hopes to perform in opera. She entertained the audience by singing while the judges tabulated the scores.

Courtney Zmich, daughter of Greg and Christine, was the other candidate who entertained the audience at the pageant. Zmich, a 14-year student at Dance Alliance Repertory Company, was runner-up. She is a is a senior with leadership experience in the National Honor Society, DECA, student council and STRIVE.

Competing in a pageant was something Zmich wanted to try when she was a little girl – so she was glad to finally have the experience.

“When I was younger I begged my mom to do pageants and she never wanted me to get involved, but once I saw that Miss Saline was happening, I thought it would be a really great opportunity and something really fun that I've always wanted to do,” Zmich said. “I like to try new things. I thought it would be a fun experience and it was so great. Everyone was really nice and it was really organized. I had a great experience and would definitely recommend it to anyone.”

She looked forward to spending the week volunteering at events around the fair.

“One of the things I'm most excited about is a Princess Tea Party that we get to volunteer at. I love little kids,” Zmich said.

Ashley Desimone is a junior whose favorite activity is running. She's been a runner since seventh grate. She also loves reading, writing and photography and is a self-proclaimed history nerd. She earned a Silver Medal in Girl Scouts. Desimone is passionate about language - especially Spanish - and hopes to focus on it in the future.

Weadock is a Saline High School senior who was selected as publicist for the Saline High School Orchestra. She is a liaison to the Saline Youth Council, where she volunteers to better the community through several programs. Weadock is a member of the ethics team which made it to the quarterfinals last year. She plans to study dermatology at the University of Michigan.




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