Saline Craft Show Crafter Preview

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 11/05/2019 - 13:50
Joe Piotrowski Lamp
Joe Piotrowki Lamp


Joe’s Pipe Works LLC

Grand Blanc, MI


Joe Piotrowski is an Electrical Controls Engineer for a Robotics company in Auburn Hills, Michigan but also makes Industrial Home Décor – primarily lamps.   It was basically “when I saw something I liked, but didn’t like the price. I built something I thought was similar and found I really enjoyed it.”  His inspiration comes from a variety of sources – my other hobbies, the things he sees at work and his “finds” at local antique shops or hardware store.   Joe enjoys working with his hands and making functional art.  Joe states that the “best part of doing this is seeing people’s reactions, especially when I am able to repurpose a find.”  His best-selling products are the liquor bottle lamps.  Joe relates, “anyone that entertains or has bar area certainly has a place for one of these lamps.”  These one-of-a-kind creations can be found in Booth 4 on November 9th at the Saline Craft Show.

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