Health Wise: FALLing into Wellness


Leaves are starting to change, and the school year is well under way. Fall is a time of transition. Let’s take a moment to evaluate how we can harness some of that “transition energy” to improve our overall health – both mental and physical.

We’ve had a lot of transitions in the last couple of years. We’ve had to adjust time and time again to new work and school situations and massive transitions in our day-to-day life. Sadly, we may have come to believe that all transitions are “bad.” However, the reality is that some transitions are simply natural.

Our reaction to it and whether we push against it or accept it or even embrace it is what gives transitions a positive or negative meaning.

This blog is a reminder that we can choose the positive interpretation of change during times of transition!

Let’s use this transitional season to assess the various aspects of our life that contribute (or deter form) well-being.

These suggestions can apply to all ages, and in all sorts of situations, but can be especially helpful at this time.

  1. Assess your organizational system. Are you organized physically and mentally? You can try some new organizational techniques like de-cluttering, sorting things into bins or re-doing your closets, and generally moving some things around. Try using a planner and/or a wall calendar and get your events and to-do lists organized and see your day/week/month with some clarity.
  2. Check on your goals (and accomplishments). Set or re-visit goals. Make (or update) goals for the week, the month, the year, and the long-term. Evaluate progress on previously set goals. Have you taken time to celebrate accomplished goals from the past month/year/etc?
  3. Ask yourself how you are using your free time (or whether you’re actually making time for free time). Are you balancing social interactions, “me time”, and productive tasks? What’s missing? Make a list of hobbies and experiences you would like to make time for, and schedule it ahead of time.
  4. Take a look at your physical health. Are you moving enough? What are your eating habits? Have you checked for vitamin deficiencies or other health factors? Make appointments you might have put off, get back into a physical activity, change up your workout routine, or explore new recipes.
  5. Evaluate your social support. Are you seeing friends/family as much as you’d like? Do you feel supported by them? Take a look at your needs, and whether they’re being met. Schedule some social plans, but also some “me time”, and find that balance!

So, as the leaves change colors, the weather cools down, and the holiday decor comes out, do try to channel some of that “transition energy” into making some positive changes in your everyday life. This Fall, let’s fall…into some good habits!

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