Dexter takes on Saline, as Hornets look to clinch SEC Red. Live reporting from Hornet Stadium


On a rainy Friday evening, the Hornets are looking to put a closing stamp on their dominant SEC title run. 

In the early stages of this game, the Hornets defense continues to remain strong. Blake Wilson comes up with an interception off a tipped ball and the Hornets take over with great field position. C.J. Carr capitalizes with a 14 yard touchdown strike to Roman Laurio. These two childhood friends have been an incredible connection this year, as they continue on their recent tear. Saline 7 - Dexter 0

Dexter is extremely talented however, as running back Cole Cabana holds multiple Division 1 offers. The Dreadnaughts lean on the shoulders of their star runner, as he brings them down the field and plows his way in from 1 yard out. Saline 7 - Dexter 7

Dexter forces a fourth and out, and mauls there way down the field with Cabana. A well executed wildcat snap to Cabana results in a 7 yard touchdown run. The Dexter offensive line is playing well, and Cabana is running hard. The extra point is blocked by Max Koehen, and the score is Saline 7 - Dexter 13.

Saline is not a team that is going to be rattled when down. Yet, one could feel momentum slowly shifting to Dexter after they forced a 3rd and 14. However, Carr delivered his best throw of the night to converted WR Sam Frush for 49 yards. Zach Antal then caps it off with a 9 yard score, as his hard running style fits well in the red zone. Saline 14 - Dexter 13

Saline has found a WR1. Laurio continues to improve, as he draws a pass interference flag after gaining separation down the field. He then was open down the field for a TD, but Carr just overthrew him. In a clear mismatch in the redzone, Carr finds TE Gavin Messman for 8 yards in the left corner of the endzone. This offense is humming. Saline 21 - Dexter 13.

Coming out of halftime, it does not take long for Saline to strike back, as Carr finds Sam Frush for 64 yards. Carr ran a play action fake, maneuvered the pocket, and lofted a perfect pass over the Dreadnaught safety. Saline 28 - Dexter 13.

Dexter is not going away however, as they hit on a big scramble on 3rd and 17. Cabana rushes in from 13 yards out, and the Dreadnaughts bring it within one score. Yet, the bigger news is that star defensive end Joe Raupp has been ejected for a unsportsmanlike penalty.  Saline 28 - Dexter 20

This Hornets offense is clicking on all gears though, as backed up from the 6 yard line, a huge passing play to Baldwin for 37 yards. After a couple 3rd down conversions, Ryan Niethammer punches it in from 1 yard out. Saline 35 - Dexter 20

Dexter's offense will not go away, as they convert a huge 4th down. Later, Cal Bavineau finds a reciever in the right corner of the endzone. Saline 35 - Dexter 27

Then disaster strikes for the Hornets, as the Dreadnaughts get a huge onside kick to swing momentum. Dexter quickly drives down the field and score a touchdown with ease. Yet, the two point conversion is NO GOOD!! The hornets defense comes up with a big stop. Saline 35 - Dexter 33.

What a drive. Antal leads a run heavy drive that not only burns the clock, but also scores a TD on a 3rd and 9. With 58 seconds left and up 9, Saline has wrapped up their 45 straight SEC championship. What a accomplishment, as Joe Palka has accomplished what many would deem to be unachievable.  Saline 42 - Dexter 33

While Dexter will not win this game, they have been very impressive on the offensive side of the ball. There offensive line paves holes and they have a gutsy and athletic quaterback. Furthermore, Cole Cabana is one of the most impressive athletes Saline has faced this year, as he gashed the Hornets on the ground. He has a bright future. Saline 42 - Dexter 40

Final: Saline 42 - Dexter 40. Saline wins another SEC title. The Hornets will take on Lake Orion next week at Hornet Stadium.

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