Playoff Football at Hornet Stadium! Saline takes on Canton in opening first round matchup.


In a glorious way to kick off playoff football,  Saline takes on Canton in a top 20 playoff matchup. Keys to the game for Saline include stopping Cantons old school rushing attack. Furthermore, being able to not allow the rainy conditions to affect the aerial attack of the Hornets.

Impressive opening drive for the Cheifs. A drive that consists of all runs and plenty of misdirection, Canton takes up 7 minutes of the clock and scores a touchdown. Saline blocks the extra point, so the score is 6-0 Canton

What a contrast of styles in this game. Saline utilizes it’s high octane passing attack to drive its self down the field. However the Chiefs come up with a huge stop, yet greatly aided by the weather. Dylan Messman slips on a wide open touchdown throw from the 1 and the Hornets turn it over to Canton at there 1 yard line.

In the most impressive opposing drive of the year against the Hornets, Canton drives 99 yards down the field with only run plays. The Chiefs have held the ball for 14 of the 19 minutes in the half so far. So far, this Canton running attack is imposing its will. Canton 13 - Saline 0

This is shocking. The usual unstoppable Hornets passing game has been neutralized so far. On a 4th and 3 on their side of the 30, the Hornets turn the ball over on downs on a failed screen pass to Roman Laurio. Canton takes advantage of the excellent field position, and then scores another TD. What a turn of events. 
Canton 20 - Saline 0

The Hornets open the second half with a massive score. C.J. Carr finally hits his first big pass, as he throws a 45 yard touchdown to his favorite target, Roman Laurio. That opening drive touchdown throw was necessary, and now the Saline defense desperately needs a stop. Canton 20 - Saline 7

The tide has shifted. Saline defense gets a 3 and out, and then Carr does his thing. A gorgeous throwback to Josh Rush for 35 yards, and then Caden Winston does the rest for a 7 yard touchdown. This offense has playmakers, and it was only a matter of time until they left there mark. Canton 20 - Saline 14

This Canton offense is old style, but it is very effective. They continue to run the wing pitch under center, and it has worked all night. They score from 5 yards out. Canton 26 - Saline 14

We got a shootout on our hands folks. Saline’s offense is starting to hum, as another 80+ yard touchdown drive is led by Carr. This one is capped off by a 4 yard touchdown run from Josh Rush. He’s been a boost to this Hornets running game, and has been electric in the passing game. Extra point is missed. Canton 26 - Saline 20

The two teams exchange punts, and now Canton is driving.

A dagger. Canton goes on what seems to be a game winning drive, as the quarterback runs it from the 8 yard line. When the defense needed a crucial stand, they were unable to get it. Cantons offense just wears you down play after play, and it requires perfect eye discipline from the linebackers. Canton 32 - Saline 20

A magical season for the Hornets is going to come to an end. An ending that is unfit for a tremendous story. This game felt like a perfect storm brewing for the offense. Poor weather that held a prolific passing attack in check, a rushing game from Canton that executed its game plan, and missed opportunities down near the goal line. A season that was filled with high scoring games, the 0 points scored in the first half came back to bite them. Lastly, Cantons offense is phenomenal, and their defense came up with timely stops. This is a team that can go a long way in the playoffs, and it’s a team that executed a game plan to perfection. 

Final Score for the last game of the year: Canton 32 - Saline 20

There will be a story coming soon recapping a Hornets season that ended poorly, but was filled with exceptional moments. 

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