Brian Cassise is one of five candidates running a seat on Saline City Council in the November election. City residents will elect three candidates. The other candidates are incumbents Dean Girbach and Janet Dillon, and Nicole Rice and Robert Cameron.


I moved to Saline over 6 years ago with the desire to start a family. I’m still single and want to give back to our town. I have an extremely close nuclear family. 

Career: Cost Engineer at Toyota 

Education: Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. Graduated from Kettering University 

Why are you running and why should voters elect you?

Running for Saline City Council to gain gov’t experience and help to uphold the attributes that make Saline great.

What are your top priorities if elected? Why? And how would you work on these priorities?

Wastewater treatment

Water quality

And/or any issue that impacts EVERYONE!!!!

I’d use my engineering experience and expertise to walk each facility, watch the process in operation and essential audit the process to understand bottlenecks, operational issues and preventative maintenance practices that need level up.

Our issues are not unique to Saline and I don’t feel that the council has dedicated the correct resources to obtain a lasting resolution or countermeasure.

Do you support the city's new road millage? Why or why not?

In general no, I don’t feel that the city handles the current tax revenue to the best of their ability. So it’s difficult for me to get behind paying more.

Example, I don’t understand why the city chose to replace our water meters…I think that million + dollars could have been better allocated. 

Are you happy with the direction of the City of Saline? Please explain your answer.

I’m honestly not happy with the direction of the city. I feel as we have lost our way. The focus seems to always be on some special interest agenda item versus taking care of the issues that impact everyone. I’m personally tired of hearing about Salines water and the wastewater treatment. I will focus on getting resolution to things that impact every resident and visitor.

The City of Saline investigated a council member for an ethics policy investigation - and then refused to divulge information about the investigation. Do you support the decision to conceal details about the investigation? Why or why not?

No! Ethical issues should not be concealed. The issue should have been shared and addressed accordingly.

Should council regulate marijuana businesses more than it does alcohol or tobacco businesses? Why or why not?

This is a tough question. I’m very conservative and have strong family values but I also believe in capitalism and a free market society.

I personally see no need for a marijuana dispensary in our town. I personally don’t think anything good can come from it. However, that is just my opinion. If or when there is a dispensary, all of our residents can make the choice to be patrons or support it or not. If everyone does the right thing and avoids drug use, the store will close.

My other concern is the number of dispensaries being considered and approved. Seems like council wants more dispensaries than car washes!!! I don’t understand their decision-making process which has motivated me to run.

I will be a voice of reason amongst this madness. 

What should be done with the 207 S Monroe St land?

Honestly, probably easier to say what not to do with it. It should be something that fits our city with emphasis on family values.

It shouldn’t be congested housing, a car wash or dispensary!!!

The city has enacted the fire assessment - the latest tax hike on city residents. At the same time water and sewer rates  are rising dramatically. What, if anything, can council do to keep this city affordable?

Prices rise and most things are no longer affordable however as with anyone's personal budget we prioritize what’s important and we make do. As council, we need to do the same thing. We need a concrete 1, 5, 10 and 20-year plan. Based on the decision-making of past and current council there is no apparent planning.

What is city council's role in attracting businesses to town?

In my opinion, staying out of the way of productivity. We need to support business without making it more challenging to be successful.

The rusty water situation seems to have improved. What else needs to be done on this front? What can council do to ensure the city is more responsive to citizen complaints like water quality and WWTP odor?

We need to increase our transparency and be proactive so that these problems don’t happen in the first place.

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