Saline High School Science Olympiad Qualifies for States, Saline Middle School Team 3rd at Regionals


The Saline High School Science Olympiad Team edged out Huron High School for second place to qualify for States in the 2023 Science Olympiad Regionals hosted by the University of Michigan on March 18. 

The Saline Middle School Science Olympiad came in third place, just missing qualifying. The top two teams in the regional competition received an automatic invitation to the State competition. However, under a new rule introduced this year, Olympians who placed first in their event also received an invitation, even if their overall team did not. Therefore, seven Saline Middle School team members who came in first in their events will also be able to compete in the State competition.

The State of Michigan Science Olympiad competition is on April 22, at Michigan State University.

The Saline High School Science Olympiad Results

Anatomy & Physiology

2nd - Suhani Dalela & Kira Saporsky


2nd - Grace Gasparovic & Andrew Irgang


2nd - Avery Reed & Sydney Winfree

3rd - Weiran (Alice) Jiang & Finn Spolans

Cell Biology

3rd - Ayush Reddy & Kira Saporsky

Chem Lab

3rd - Weiran (Alice) Jiang & Ryan Landini

4th - William Hong & Caden Sparks


1st - Alex Liu, Pradhyuth Shivakumaran & Adrian Sieh

3rd - William Hong, Caden Sparks & Regina Sushenko

Detector Building

2nd - Andrew Irgang & Adrian Sieh

Disease Detectives

4th - Grace Gasparovic & Kira Saporsky

5th - Avery Reed & Regina Sushenko

Dynamic Planet

4th - Grace Gasparovic & Avery Nealis

Environmental Chemistry

2nd - Andrew Irgang & Ryan Landini

Experimental Design

2nd - Suhani Dalela, Weiran (Alice) Jiang & Alex Liu

4th - Ryan Gasparovic, Caden Sparks & Sydney Winfree

Fermi Questions

4th - Pradhyuth Shivakumaran & Adrian Sieh


1st - Ryan Landini & Finn Spolans

4th - Vedulasre Sankari & Regina Sushenko


2nd - Grace Gasparovic & Weiran (Alice) Jiang


2nd - Emily Chai & Avery Nealis

Green Generation

4th - Avery Reed & Sydney Winfree

It's About Time

1st - Pradhyuth Shivakumaran & Finn Spolans

4th - Ryan Gasparovic & Caden Sparks

Remote Sensing

2nd - Grace Gasparovic & Andrew Irgang

Rocks & Minerals

3rd - Emily Chai & Avery Nealis


2nd - Ayush Reddy & Riley Spencer


1st - Ryan Landini & Riley Spencer

2nd - Vedulasre Sankari & Sydney Winfree

WiFi Lab

2nd - Andrew Irgang & Adrian Sieh

Write It, Do It

3rd - Suhani Dalela & Ayush Reddy

The Saline Middle School Science Olympiad Results

Anatomy & Physiology

4th - Kane Dhitirojana & Vivaan Pawar

Bio Process Lab

4th - Aprielle Hart & Maybelle Hart


5th - Elliot Lee & Cal Rohde


1st - Cal Rohde, Lorien Sieh & Oren Singh (Qualified for States)

Crave the Wave

5th - Elliot Lee & Oren Singh

Crime Busters

3rd - Addy Bar & Abigail Yavor

Disease Detectives

5th - Abhay Dittakavi & Kane Dhitirojana

Experimental Design

4th - Lily Chai, Cal Rohde & Lorien Sieh

Fast Facts

4th - Cal Rohde & Lorien Sieh

5th - Aprielle Hart & Maybelle Hart


4th - Adam Abouelnaga & Rethul Manikandan Sankari

5th - Elizabeth Corn & Mayur Reddy


4th - Isaac Ames & Ava Bendall

Green Generation

1st - Ava Bendall & Seungbeom (Ryan) Kim (Qualified for States)


3rd - Kane Dhitirojana & Oren Singh

4th - Sid Singh

Road Scholar

5th - Isaac Ames & Lily Chai

Roller Coaster

1st - Kane Dhitirojana & Vivaan Pawar (Qualified for States)

1st - Max Hong & Wyatt Spolans

3rd - Sid Singh & Rethul Manikandan Sankari

Solar System

2nd - Isaac Ames & Oren Singh

Sounds of Music

2nd - Elliot Lee & Mayur Reddy

5th - Adam Abouelnaga & Nivi Velamakanni

Storm the Castle

5th - Cal Rohde & Lorien Sieh

Wheeled Vehicle

3rd - Adam Abouelnaga & Niko Valchev

4th - Elizabeth Corn & Mayur Reddy

Write It, Do It

2nd - Cal Rohde & Lorien Sieh

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