Andelina Farms Development Underway in Saline Township


The Saline Township Board handled a light agenda at its September meeting on Wednesday evening.

Tim Dwyer, from the Washtenaw County Road Commission, provided an update to the board on the Macon Road work.

Township Trustee Robert Marion said, “they have done a great job on clearing out the brush and cleaning up the ditches.”

This was reiterated by Supervisor Jim Marion and Trustee Tom Hammond. Dwyer stated they thought they might have two days left to work and said they would continue to focus their work on Macon Road.

Andelina Farms Update:

Trustee Robert Marion reported that Andelina Farms was “moving things along.” He reported that the development had installed their sanitary sewer system and was working on the development’s water system. Supervisor Jim Marion said “that a lot of dirt has been moved and roads were taking shape.” It was noted that the developer was making good progress and they were moving forward without any involvement with the City of Saline. Township Zoning Administrator Robert Marion said that he needed to begin to establish addresses for the Andelina Farms development.

Saline Township Spring Clean-Up:

Saline Township’s annual spring clean-up was postponed due to the coronavirus. Mary Gumtow, the township’s recycling coordinator, reported that the spring clean-up has been scheduled for Saturday, 9-26-20, from 8 a.m. – 1:55 p.m. She stressed that the trucks would pull out promptly at 2 p.m., regardless of whether everything has been unloaded from vehicles.

She noted there was a four-tire limit on regular pick-up truck tires, eight passenger tires and two tractor tires. A complete list of items accepted can be found on the township website. People are required to wear masks and to social distance, and all residents are expected to unload all their items. There will be no help available onsite.

Oak Park Estates:

Dwyer reported that in a conversation with the company contracted to perform the Oak Park Estates work, repair and restoration work will begin during the last week of September or the first two weeks of October. The residents of Oak Park Estates worked with the township board in establishing a special assessment district in their neighborhood to fund the repair/restoration work.

November Election:

Township Clerk Kelly Marion reported that the township has received several hundred requests for applications of mail-in ballots. She reported that extra poll workers would be hired to handle the extra work that mail-in ballots create.

Saline Township Planning Commission:

The Saline Township Planning Commission met on Tuesday evening and held a public hearing on a special land use request at 3500 Johnson Road in Saline Township. Land-owners Adriana Cedeno and Karl Fetters seek to erect an 80’ tower on their property so they can receive reliable internet service. Currently Xfinity and Frontier are not available at their location. During the public hearing neighbors questioned the height of the tower and whether the tower could possibly fall on DTE service lines which run across the property.

The Planning Commission postponed any decision of the special land use permit until the October meeting, asking the landowners to get an OK from DTE and a letter from the tower company certifying that an 80’ tower is appropriate for that site.

The township meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m. The next township board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, 10-14-20 at 7 p.m. The next Saline Township Planning Commission meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 10-06-20 at 7 p.m.

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