Saline Students Return to Class for the First Time Since March 13


Students returned to in-person learning at Saline High School for the first time since classes were canceled March 13 due to concerns over the novel coronavirus.

About 70 percent of students opted to return to in-class learning, and half of those students returned to school Monday. The other half begins Tuesday. They'll each attend twice a week on alternate days until district officials feel it's safe for five-day-a-week class.

It definitely wasn't your regular "first day of school." But the people interviewed by The Saline Post as class resumed Sept. 28 were upbeat about their return to Saline High School.

Socially distanced students enjoy lunch in the Saline High School Commons.
The cafeteria looks a littler different at SHS.
This picture captures the traffic flow in the hall way. Like an east-west road, the eastbound traffic is on the south side and the west bound traffic is on the north, in the main hallway at SHS.
Here's what you'll see at the main office entrance to Saline High School.
Students are socially distanced in Chad O'Brien's history class.
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