Township Hears Concerns About Lack of Guard Rails at Braun Road Culvert


The Saline Township Board took care of their regular business last Wednesday in less than an hour.

Monthly Township Expenses:

The board gave unanimous approval to the monthly accounts payable of $27,613.08, payroll at $8,452.39 and the fourth quarter operating expense for fire protection services in the amount of $52,885.00.

Guard Rails at Braun Road Culvert Site & WCRC

There was a discussion about the lack of guard rails on Braun Road where a new culvert was installed. Local township residents have complained to the board about the lack of guard rails at the site, claiming it presented a hazard to motorists.

Township Supervisor Jim Marion reported that he was told that the Washtenaw County Road Commission (WCRC) had sent project managers to the site and they determined that the Braun Road site did not meet the criteria for the WCRC to install guard rails.

Tiffany Oliphant, from the WCRC, was contacted to provide an explanation about why the Braun Road site did not meet criteria. Ms. Oliphant reported, “project managers went to the site to evaluate whether guard rails should be installed. The managers determined that the site did not meet the criteria.”

Oliphant explained the criteria used to determine whether guard rails are needed at a site. 

“Each site is evaluated by examining the slope, monitoring daily traffic patterns, the crash history at the site and whether the site has enough existing shoulder space for the guard rails. In evaluating all of these criteria, it was determined that Braun Road did not qualify for guard rails.”

Oliphant wanted to reassure township residents that the WCRC does not consider complaints by residents to be negative when evaluating whether to install guard rails or making decisions about any improvements to area roads.

“The WCRC always welcomes feedback from area residents.” 

She said that the WCRC will continue to monitor the Braun Road site to determine if the circumstances change over time that might impact whether the site could meet the criteria for guard rails.

Temporary Appointment of Trustee as Zoning Director

The Board approved the appointment of Tom Hammond as a replacement for Robert Marion, who has taken a temporary leave from his zoning duties while recovering from medical issues. Mr. Hammond will receive the compensation that Mr. Marion was paid beginning in May 2024.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 p.m. The next township Planning Committee will meet on Tuesday, 06/04/24. The June Township Board meeting will be on Wednesday, 06/12/24. Both meetings will begin at 7 p.m. at the township hall on Braun Road.

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