The Generosity Project Helped Fund a Camp That Helped Students Prep for the New School Year


Over the course of the last two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped traditional learning as we know it. Students have faced the challenge of learning virtually, in-person, and in hybrid models.  

Simply adapting to change itself can be hard on everyone - students, staff, administrators, and families alike. Despite the dedication and efforts of many, some students may have still had an extremely difficult time adjusting to the learning environment and as a result, fell behind in school.

Realizing the importance of helping students that had a hard time adjusting, The Generosity Project stepped in this past summer to facilitate an academic recovery camp at Saline Middle School. The Saline Middle School Academic Recovery Camp assisted families who wanted their child to have additional instruction in English language arts and mathematics. The camp was a four-week program that ran from July 19 - Aug. 13.

The Generosity Project donated $7,500 toward the program, which helped 30 qualifying middle school students learn course material that prepared them for their next academic year. ELA and mathematics proved to be some of the more challenging core classes for students to retain virtual learning in, so those courses were targeted and provided by The Academic Recovery Summer Camp. 

“We contacted Saline Schools and found the exact way we could assist students— funding a summer tutoring program for middle school students,” said Lindsay Bogdasarian, Director of The Generosity Project. “Our goal was to give students the benefit of small-group, in-person teaching in math and language arts. We didn’t want the cost of tutoring to be a barrier to them receiving individual instruction in these core subjects.”

The camps were successful. 

“The students came consistently to school four days per week this summer for five weeks. They came consistently to class ready to work on math, reading, and writing. They listened to amazing literature and reviewed some pretty difficult math,” said Principal Laura Washington. “I am so proud of the dedication of our students and staff for taking the time to reintegrate themselves to their own education!” 

In addition to academic growth, teachers saw growing confidence in their students. 

“I saw a definite growth - not only academically, but also in students’ confidence and overall comfort in the classroom and amongst their peers.” said eighth-grade language arts teacher Bianca Collins.

In addition to everything that The Generosity Project has done over the summer, they also intend to work with Saline Area Schools throughout the upcoming year in order to continue helping our students. 

“We are considering ways we can impact our community and involve more people in working toward new goals. Although we do not have a specific plan for how we will partner with Saline Area Schools moving forward, we are confident that we will,”  Bogdasarian said.

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