ELECTION 2021: City of Saline Voters Re-Elect Ceo, Dell'Orco


Saline voters chose to stick with the incumbents in Tuesday's city council election.

Jack Ceo, Jim Dell'Orco and Kevin Camero-Sulak were re-elected to two-year terms. Brian Cassise finished fourth.

In Pittsfield Township, voters elected to approve the public safety millage.

In Saline, Jim Dell'Orco was the highest vote getter, with 1,206 votes. Jack Ceo (1,168), Kevin Camero-Sulak (923) and Brian Cassise (674) followed. The top three were elected. Ceo begins his fourth term on council. Camero-Sulak and Dell'Orco begin their second term on council.

Dell'Orco thanked the public for its support and said he looked forward to his second term.

"I would very much like to thank the Saline community for their ongoing support. You are why I do this job. I consider it a privilege and an honor to faithfully represent your voice at the council table. Your confidence in my first term will not go unrecognized. I work for you. And I very much intend to continue the careful attention to detail I bring with me to each and every meeting," Dell'Orco said. " I want to congratulate my colleagues Jack Ceo and Kevin Camero-Sulak for prevailing in last night’s election. I very much enjoy working with them both as well as the entire makeup of this current council. I’m looking forward to diligently working with all of them for the greater good of this wonderful place that I call home."

Cassise wasn't elected but was happy to see his share of the vote increasing.

"It was closer than last time! I will try again in the future. I came up short in Precinct 3 so clearly I will have to campaign more there next time," Cassise said. "Everything happens for a reason."

1,565 votes were cast. Voter turnout was 20.68 percent.

The same four candidates ran in 2019. That year, Ceo led the pack with 825 votes, with Dell'Orco (801), Camero-Sulak (743) and Cassise (405) following.

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In May, Pittsfield Township voters rejected the township's request to increase the public safety millage from 1.95 to 3.95 mills for a 10-year period. That millage went down by a 54-46 margin. In Tuesday's election, the results were flipped. Voters passed a five-year millage of 2.95 mills.

20.3 percent of Pittsfield Township voters turned out for the election. 3,219 voters, or 55 percent of the electorate, voted yes. 2,638 voters (45 percent) voted no.

Once again, the Saline area precincts (11 and 12) voted no on the proposal (754-654, or 53,4 percent to 46.5 percent).

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