Stully's Community Ed Basketball Recap, March 5, 2022


Welcome to Stully’s CE BB Recap:

Prestige Worldwide-47 V DatWay Academy-45

Prestige picked up a win heading into the tournament by defeating DatWay, while DatWay may have found some much needed bench help in the loss. PW used a balanced scoring attack as eight players scored, led by Andrew Black and Connor Mitzel with 10 points each. DA’s Larry Robinson III and Caden Winston led the offense with 9 and 8 points respectively, including a pair of threes each.

Big Baller Company-35 V Ball Handlers-30

Big Baller Company got the win and an improved seed beating Ballhandlers. In a game that went back and forth from the beginning, Josh Folk buried five threes to lead BBC in scoring with 15 points, while Brandon Wise also hit double digits with 10. Ian Furlong scored 9 points to lead Ballhandlers. And yes, the first team to 25 did win!!

Saline Wild Wings-67 V Unsigned Free Agents-35

Saline Wild Wings took care of business to claim the #2 seed next week with a win over Unsigned Free Agents. SWW got out in transition and pounded it inside to place 3 in double figures: Roman Laurio(16), CJ Carr(14) and Cade Tousa(12). Andrew Nusssel led UFA with 12 points in a season ending loss.

Soccer Moms-55 V Free Meat-33

Soccer Moms covered the spread in a victory over the winless Fresh Meat squad, who saw their season come to an end. Soccer Moms had all eleven players score in the win as Jake Day(13) was the only player to reach double figures. Ethan Cotsonika scored 21 points(3 three’s) to pace the Fresh Meat offense.

Doc Deans-40 V The Strawhats-34

Doc Deans looked a little shaky with just an eight-point victory over an energized Strawhat team. DD got balanced scoring in the win, but the effort was not 100%, maybe looking ahead?? Hats played inspired as Zack Miller scored 22 points(career-high on 6 three’s) to keep his team in the game until the very end. Eight DD players scored, led by Giuseppe Gottfried (11) and Sam Jane(10).

Standings: Record Point Differential

  • Doc Deans 7-0 +152
  • Saline Wild Wings 6-1 +189
  • Datway Academy 5-2 +127
  • Prestige Worldwide 4-3 +78
  • Soccer Moms 4-3 +44
  • Big Baller Company 4-3 +25
  • Ball Handlers 2-5 -44
  • The Strawhats 2-5 -92
  • Unsigned Free Agents 1-6 -135(Did not qualify for tournament)
  • Fresh Meat 0-7 -344(Did not qualify for tournament)

Top Scorers:

Zach Miller-22

Ethan Cotsonika-21

Roman Laurio-16

Josh Flok-15

CJ Carr-14

Jake Day-13

Andrew Nussel-12

Cade Tousa-12

Keldon Perron-11

Giuseppe Gottfried-11

Sam Jane-10

Andrew Black-10

Connor Mitzel-10

Brandon Wise-10

Predictions for 3/12

Round #1


(4)Big Baller Company V (5)Prestige Worldwide

In a re-match from the regular season that saw BBC pull out a buzzer beater victory, this will be a great game to start the day. A big-time rivalry coupled with a single elimination format will have both teams battling, even at 8am! BBC, you will need to show you can score without living by the three and have a balanced scoring attack. PW, you also need balanced scoring combining spacing, cuts and timely threes. Both teams can play “D”, it will come down to who shuts down on “D” and executes on offense. I think PW is on a mission to make a statement, as BBC has current bragging rights. I am picking PW in a tight one, 3 points or less and maybe OT!


(2)Saline Wild Wings V (7)Ball Handlers

Wild Wings should be able to “handle” the Ballahndlers in this one, even without one of its top players. Ballhandlers, play “D”, slow down the pace of the game and work inside out. SWW, get out in transition, drive to the hoop/finish and pressure all over the court. SWW will need to get out to a fast start, BH needs to slow it down. Wild Wings get it done with a double-digit victory.


(1)Doc Deans V (8)The Strawhats

1 V 8 can always be that “upset special”. I do not think there is much to worry about on DD’s part, they just need to execute, get out to a lead and have the bench finish it up. Hats, great performance last week, and Z-Mill had a great game, but I do not see him repeating that kind of game. Thus, you need to find others to score and clamp down on “D”. DD, power inside, drive to the hoop and can some threes. Also, make sure all of your players are on the roster!! DD takes this one by double figures.


(3)DatWay Academy V (6)Soccer Moms

DatWay is coming of a loss(kinda) last week and Soccer Moms is coming off a victory(albeit over Fresh Meat). This one could be interesting as both teams lost close games to Prestige(kinda). Offensively, DA needs to translate pressure “D” into points, dominate inside and hit some timely threes. SM will need to have balanced scoring(as usual), handle pressure and also hit some timely threes. Defensively, DA needs to pressure the ball, stay out of foul trouble and contest perimeter shots. SM, deny the post, take away the dribble drive and rebound. DatWay will get it done in this one with a potential 10+ point victory.

Round #2(Assuming my pick’s are correct!!)


(1)Doc Deans V (5)Prestige Worldwide

Doc Deans should be fresh for this one after an early day victory, whereas if I picked correctly, Prestige will be coming off a hard-fought win. Advantage to DD, rested, or PW tested?? DD has scoring options at all three levels with their bigs inside, players that can get to the rim and shooters. PW will need to get to the rim, hit some big threes, pass well and keep their spacing. Defensively, I feel PW is a better defensive team, not so much in ability, but effort. DD, if you play with effort on the defensive end of the floor, this will not be very close. BUT, you have to prove you can do that. I am picking DD in this one, but if they do not “wall up”, it may be closer than you think. DD by 8-10, no matter who they play.


(2)Saline Wild Wings V (3)DatWay Academy

Saline Wild Wings have been up and down all season. Half of my prediction losses are in games they played(1 loss/1 win), making this a harder pick. Without Carr, they will struggle offensively, unless Laurio and Tousa light it up. Defensively, SWW has been inconsistent all season. DatWay has some offensive weapons inside and out and can get to the rim. Defensive MVP Sam Frush leads the league in steals(unsubstantiated stat), and if DA can pressure the ball, deny the post and rebound they will be tough to beat. I am picking DatWay to move on to the finals with an 8+ point win.

Round #3(Finals)


(1)Doc Deans V (3)DatWay Academy(Were my picks correct??)

IF I got the right picks, here is the final. If not, my picks may have gotten teams angry. No matter, if this is the game, here we go. These two teams have wanted to play each other all season, so here is your chance!

Both teams have all three levels of scoring(post play/get to the rim guys/shooter dudes), so the question here is who can put it all together against a high-quality opponent? Defensively, DD has not put it all together yet this season, but have they needed to?? DA plays great defense on the perimeter, but they have to keep the big guy out of foul trouble. Who steps up on “D” in the post? Some intangibles: the depth on each squad and foul trouble. In my opinion, DD can go up to 9 deep using their full roster with a pair of bigs, multiple ball handlers and shooters. DA can go 7 deep with one big, some ball handlers and shooters. IF DD can get DA in foul trouble, huge advantage, or IF DA can pressure and get turnovers without fouling, huge advantage. This should be a close game with maybe an OT or two. With all factors considered and if my previous predictions were correct, I am picking Doc Deans to be the 2022 Saline HS Rec BB Champions!


Stully’s Prediction %(SPP)

Last Week 4-1 .800 Overall 31-4 .886


  1. Doc Deans
  2. Saline Wild Wings
  3. DatWay Academy
  4. Big Baller Company
  5. Prestige Worldwide
  6. Soccer Moms
  7. Ball Handlers
  8. The Strawhats
  9. Unsigned Free Agents(Did not qualify for tournament)
  10. Fresh Meat(Did not qualify for tournament)


  • Bob Butler-4(Sits first half on 2/12)
  • (Sits first half on 2/26)
  • (Sits entire game on 3/5)
  • Solomon Rodriguez-2(Sits first half on 2/12)
  • Ethan Nelson-2(Sits first half on 2/26)
  • Trent Hankamp-2(Sits first half of first game on 3/12)
  • Kieran Dean-2(Sits first half of first game on 3/12)
  • Riley Behrman-1
  • Cade Tousa-1
  • Caid Fox-1
  • Caden Winston-1
  • Jayden Lilley-1
  • Luke Masters-1
  • Andrew Nussel-1
  • Will Fowler-1
  • Miller Grambeau-1
  • Luke Helmer-1
  • Andrew Black-1
  • Ethan Cotsonika-1
  • Keldon Perron-1
  • Will Fowler-1


* The mask mandate has been lifted as of 2/28/22. It is the recommendation of Saline Community Education to wear masks for your protection and the protection of others when at Saline HS Rec BB.


**LAST CHANCE TO CHECK FOR YOUR ITEMS!! Available behind the scorer’s table, it is starting to pile up!!!!!! LOTS of H2O bottles!!


***Trashcans are on the end of the bleachers and in the bleachers by the benches, please use them!!!!!

****COACHES: Please designate yourself as the coach of the team to the OFFICIALS by politely introducing yourself. Then, you can call time-outs, instruct, etc….. When the officials are not sure who the coaches are, it is tough for them to determine time-outs. Players, BTW, you can call timeouts on the floor. ONLY COACHES and PLAYERS are allowed on the bench(NO FANS or OTHER TEAMS), and be sure to get to the middle of the bench if you intend to sub. This will help things to run smoothly. THANK YOU!!


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