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Thank you Paul!!! Went to dinner at Brecon Grille, one of our favorite restaurants. We expected the excellent pot de feu and fish and chips brought to our table with exceptional service. What we didn’t expect was the genuine and humble act of kindness and generosity that followed.  When we asked for our bill, we were told that Paul, the owner of Brecon Grille, was paying the tab of all patrons coming in to support his business. What a tremendously good human! In a time when he is being told that he can no longer serve people inside his restaurant he is taking this last moment to generously thank his customers. This is no small deed for a restaurateur.   More good news is that Brecon Grille will be providing “to go orders” so we can still enjoy great food and support his businesses. Again, thank you Paul for your benevolence toward our community. Jim and Carol zawacki 

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